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Eyelash extensions are an exciting new application that accentuates and highlights the natural beauty of your eyes. Be it young or old, they can make you feel Hollywood glamorous. As I said, the procedure takes about an hour and a half while you are lying down relaxing listening to soothing music in the background. The average customer goes back between 60-120 days for new applications. Touch-ups can be done intermittently as needed.


ivivva believes that the proper guidance and encouraging words can make every young girl fulfill her "Dreams and Goals." Part of living right is learning from mistakes and no matter how often you fall down, it's just as easy to try again. With ivivva, you have a great supporting cast for those bumps in the road.

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We are excited to announce that we are involved in the Purina Pet People Ambassador Program. Our little Shih Tzu, Paisley joined our family early in 2016. Watch our blog for fun adventures with Paisley.

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Drowning can take place in as little as 10 seconds and is a silent killer. It can occur in just inches of water, such as a bathtub or wading pool. The Lifesaving Society stresses that parents never leave their children alone near water because they may not hear a child who is in the process of drowning.

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Getting back in to the workforce after spending time at home with kids has always been a challenge. But today, with the infiltration of social media, it can be an additional hurdle to turn what has been your personal musings and reflections on life into a professional profile online, while you're looking for that perfect job.

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"It's Time To Stand Up To Your Kids" the headline from this week's Macleans Magazine screams. Now? Now it's time? Well, I say it might be too late, depending on where you are in this parenting game.

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Kathy Buckworth often gets asked how she gets these great jobs and get the opportunity to work with great people. Here are the secrets to her success. Some of them might surprise you.

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What is the #1 thing you can do to nourish yourself for the day but not overeat? Portion Control.
It is an established fact that we consume far too much as a nation. As individuals we hardly have a concept of what constitutes an appropriate amount or serving size anymore. There are some visual cues that can be engaged to train our kids' eyes and tummies to right-size our hunger and expectations.

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From sleep apnea to brain drain, from too much melatonin to not enough magnesium...it's hard to know what can really be causing your sleep issues.

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Glama Gal Tween Boutique are set to open their newest location this July in the beautiful village of Blue Mountain in cottage country.

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