2011 Acura MDX SH-AWD

Acura Sherway


Our first review of a vehicle in the luxury category. The 2011 Acura MDX SH-AWD is really a nice vehicle to drive with all the refinements you would expect from something in this pricing category. The Acura Brand is the pricier big brother to the Honda Family for those that don't know. The stylish front end is very sleek and sexy with an appearance of something on the prowl. Our test vehicle is equipped with HID (High Intensity Discharge) headlights, producing an intensely bright low-beam light source. Simply nothing left to the imagination with what is in front of you. Safety is obvious in this vehicle. 19 inch aluminum alloy wheels giving grip and a sense of security on the road. I liked the fact that the AWD and large wheels sits you a little higher up, seeing everything around you. The rear of the car is equipped with state of the art LED taillights and dual exhaust. A very nice look. Refinements usually not found in lesser priced vehicles.


The cabin of the MDX is luxurious with wood panel dashboard inserts. Bluetooth connectivity and navigation systems are coupled into the large screen display which also acts as the reverse camera monitor to ease you out of that tight spot. Premium sound is pumped through a 410 watt 10 speaker system. Steering column controls make it easier and safer for the driver. A 15 GB hard disk drive storage is also available. Kinda cool. The second row features an auxiliary audio/video input jack offering plug and play video game capabilities.


Temperature management is also state of the art, with automatic humidity control, which senses foggy windows and corrects it for you. Tri-zone automatic climate control makes the first, second and third row seating comfortable no matter the conditions outside. Those cold wintery mornings are a snap. Seasonal comfort is the focus with this system. Hidden storage is well appointed in the MDX, there are a series of compartments throughout the vehicle for your convenience.

Acura is known for innovation and refinements throughout their lineup and the 2011 MDX is no different. Sporty leather seats with multiple driver adjustments for maximum comfort. The power plant for the MDX is a 3.7L, 24 valve VTEC V-6 producing 300 horsepower and 270 lb.-ft. of torque. Great response when hitting the gas. Fuel consumption ratings were very respectable, 13.2L/100km city and 9.6L/100km highway. Not bad for a vehicle capable of towing 5000 lbs. The Acura transmission is seamless and fun to drive.

We were lucky enough to get this vehicle for 2 weeks, during which time we used it as our primary family car. A far cry from our 7 year old minivan. What I really liked was all the technological advancements made over the past 7 years. Comfort, security and safety have all been addressed in every facet of this car. The suspension feels like you are floating on a cloud. The vehicle is certified 5 star by the NHTSA, the highest safety rating available.

The only knock on this great vehicle is the limited space in the third row seating. Not very much room for anyone over 6-7 years of age. The car is being marketed as a 7 passenger, realistically it is much more comfortable seating only 5. Pricing for this vehicle may be higher than others in its class, however, the Acura refinements make it a very worthy choice in the luxury segment. Our friends at Acura Sherway must do a very good business, as you see a lot of the MDX on the road. I can certainly give a thumbs up to the 2011 Acura MDX SH-AWD, should you decide this vehicle is for you.

Thanks again to Acura Sherway for the use of their car. Hopefully, we can bring you more reviews of the Acura lineup. They have a lot of products worth looking at.