2011 Ford Fusion Hybrid

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Once again, we have been given a wonderful opportunity to test drive and review another great new product from Ford of Canada. This weeks test vehicle is the all new 2011 Ford Fusion Hybrid. This is my first time ever driving a hybrid vehicle and was very surprised with its power and punctuality. I was half expecting it to be boring and sluggish due to the fact that it is battery and gas operated. I thought that there would be lag in acceleration and suspect handling. I must say however, this car drove to impress.

It is very easy to see why people have taken a liking to this car, as it is not only an attractive ride but comes with a bevy of option and trim levels to choose from. There really is something available for everyone.

The Fusion continues to be one of the highest selling sedans on the market, both in its own class and others. The main reason that people will invest in a hybrid, rather than just buying a car is to ensure that they are doing their part for the future. The Ford Fusion Hybrid costs considerably less to operate than its own 3.5L-V6 sibling when doing comparisons about fuel consumption. The Fusion Hybrid achieves impressive fuel mileage numbers; 4.6L/100km city (Fusion Sport V6- 12.6L/100km) and 5.4L/100km highway (Fusion Sport V6- 8.3L/100km). If you noticed, the comparisons show us that the Fusion Hybrid achieves better fuel economy while conducting city driving. When looking at other non-hybrid vehicles, you always see a considerable increase in fuel consumption while roaming around the city. Refreshing to see these results. The soccer moms will love this.

The test vehicle we drove came equipped with sporty 17" 15 spoke painted aluminum wheels which really set off the overall look of the car. A 10-way power driver seat and Eco-friendly cloth seats only added to its comfortable interior. Safety components that are becoming commonplace in almost all of Fords lineup, such as, the multitude of airbags and Reverse Sensing System. When backing up, you can view what is in your way by looking directly into the large LCD screen mounted in the center of the dashboard. Its design is incorporated within the same screen as other features such as navigation and stereo controls. They can all be accessed directly from the steering column, which only adds to the safety aspects of this wonderful sedan.

I must also say to Ford, great job on the stock radio option for the Hybrid model. A Premium AM/FM/CD 6-pack equipped with MP3 jacks and 6 speakers. More than enough power and sound to tame even the pickiest audiophile. Moonroof, leather seating and even remote start are also available in the vehicle. I, however, feel like somewhat of a purist when it comes to looking at purchasing a hybrid vehicle. Getting only the options that will enhance the ecologically friendly attributes of this great car.

Of all the cars that Ford of Canada has allowed us to review for our readers this is the one that surprised me the most. I loved the handling ability and acceleration, which as I said before did not expect from something that runs on batteries. One of the coolest features of the car is in the dashboard cluster. Everything displayed in the cluster is associated with enhancing your fuel economy. It teaches you the proper way to accelerate and illustrates this in what I like to call, "the tree." The tree is a computer graphic that starts as simply a limb, and begins to grow leaves so long as you drive economically. If you falter and develop a lead foot, the leaves begin to fall from the tree. An amazing way to illustrate the importance of good driving habits. Growing the limbs and keeping them on the tree will decrease your overall operating cost of this wonderful car.

Ford must have an awful lot of people wanting to test this car, as we were only allowed to keep it for 3 days before they asked for it back. I must say, I was enjoying being along for the ride.

Until our next test drive, the 2012 Ford Edge. A very attractive, capable crossover vehicle which has ample seating for 5 and power to tow the boat to the cottage.