2012 Ford Focus


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Review of the all new 2012 Ford Focus

To say that I would be more picky doing this review than on any others is an understatement. You see, we currently own a 2009 Ford Focus SES, which we absolutely love even after almost 3 years of driving. This completely redesigned model that we were privileged to take for a week has completely won me over, hands down!

Let me start by saying, I have always loved what Ford Motor Company stands for, safety, quality and putting their customers first. I remember years back the company was involved in safety issues with Firestone Tires and the older model Ford Explorer. In fact, the year this took place, the Explorer had one of its best sales years to date. Ford handled it the right way, they reviewed the information given to them and replaced all of the Firestone tires on every car and truck out there. Just think of the logistical nightmare this would have been to find all their customers and give them the option of replacing them free of charge. This was not something they had to do, it was something that they felt was the right thing to do as the safety of their customers was paramount compared to a few dollars lost in overall revenues. No government agency stood up and told Ford to do this, it was a task that the management of the company decided was in the best interest now and for the future of this 100+ year old car company. Kudos to them for making the right decision. I have been a believer ever since. My personal cars have always been and always will be Ford products. It is what I know and what I enjoy driving. Enough said!

Now, onto the new toy that was parked at my house for a little more than a week. The 2012 Ford Focus SEL was simply a pleasure to drive, with its newly redesigned engine which features a 2.0L Ti-VCT I4 power plant producing an exhilarating 160 bhp, which translates into a thrilling ride for the driver and passenger alike. The direct injection provides for a cooler, denser, more precise charge while the Twin Independent Variable Cam Timing (Ti-VCT) is self adjusting for very efficient performance at lower RPMs and greater power when you need it on the highways. Translation, go quickly and efficiently. Isn't that what we all wish for, economical and fun?

My test vehicle was equipped with some awesome new SAFETY features including the My Ford Touch which in a word is, cool! I don't think Fords intention was for the My Ford Touch to be "cool", however, that is truly what it is. The things that this car monitors via this system allows the driver and passengers alike to be able to concentrate on the road while in motion and open up other possibilities once the vehicle has ceased moving. Safety. Many of these features are voice-activated. Safety. The steering wheel mounted controls for the My Ford Touch let the driver command his car while not taking his hands off the wheel. Safety. Radio controls, fuel monitoring, 8 inch touch screen, back up camera, climate control, music selection and also the navigation system are all at the touch of a button. Safety. Turn by turn guidance from the navigation system is relayed via voice control to the driver. I named my navigation girl Marcia. Safety . I do not know of many cars in this category that can say they have all of this. That is, unless they are other Ford products. The brain trust at Ford designed a very safe and efficient driver management system that in the end turned out to be, "cool." Airbags! To say that you are well protected in this car would be an understatement. They envelop you like a cocoon. They are dual-stage in the driver and front passenger compartment. Side curtain in both the front seat and rear of the car. Safety. Always be sure to wear your safety belt and secure children in the rear seats. Safety.

I must say, my favourite feature of this car is the Parking Technology Package, which comes with a rearview camera, integrated into the large 8 inch touch screen supplied with the My Ford Touch option. Safety. Fords, unlike other systems that use imaging devices, uses ultrasonic sensors. Once activated, the Focus will parallel park itself with almost no input form the driver. And it will do it nearly three times faster than competitive park assist systems can. Kind of like having a valet park your car for you without losing your keys. Safety.

The all new 2012 Focus is available in many different trim levels ranging from the $ conscious S Sedan, all the way up to the Titanium Sedan, for the customer who demands all the creature comforts. The performance in all the models is still provided by that spunky 160 bhp motor.

The cabin space in my test vehicle was more than average, even in the back seats. I was impressed with how comfortable the seating surfaces were. In other vehicles in its class that I have driven, I was disappointed with the lack of comfort of the lower end seating. The Focus did not disappoint. As I said before, this car had a lot to live up to, my 2009 Focus has been a great car.

I challenge anyone looking for efficiency and fun in a smaller car to not like this car. It gives as good as it gets. Push it hard into corners and it responds flawlessly. Sunday drives are comfortable and economical. Fuel consumption is amazing on this car. Ford reports it at, 7.3L/100km city and 5.2L/100km highway. During my time with this car I personally achieved 6.4L/100km. Very impressive numbers to say the least. These fuel numbers rival competitive Hybrid models without all the extra up front costs to purchase. Bravo Ford on making this car available to the North American market. We are truly in your debt. I can see myself getting one of these cars when my current lease is due up.

Ford has an even hotter version of this car coming to showrooms in the new year. Imagine, all we have just talked about wrapped up in the Focus ST, producing a reported 250 bhp. WOW!!

That is all for now. We will have a review of the 2011 Ford Fusion Hybrid up soon. It is a little weird not hearing the engine when starting it up. I am hoping to do a review of the 2012 Ford Edge in the near future. It looks like a fun CUV to drive. My father has one and won't let me drive it. It must be that good!