2013 Buick Enclave


Whether you are roaming around town, picking up groceries or getting the kids off to summer camp, the all new 2013 Buick Enclave might just be the answer. Our family was fortunate enough to have one as a test vehicle earlier this summer for a trek up north to Muskoka. The Enclave is definitely one of the sweetest looking vehicles in its class, the large CUV category. A very comfortable, stable, eye catcher with all the creature comforts of home that one would expect in a truck this large.

I must say I was a little intimidated at first while driving the Enclave, as it sits very high and is larger than most of the other test vehicles we have reviewed over the years.

The new Enclave has some fresh changes added to the overall look that just make it even more appealing. Heading up the 400 for a week away with the family was very entertaining, comfortable and efficient.

The Enclave is powered by a 3.6 litre V6 engine, producing 288 horsepower. I was thinking that with a truck this size, the horsepower wouldn't be adequate, but I was mistaken. Ample pick up when needing to pass slower moving cars. Fuel economy for the Enclave is estimated at about 24mpg, very acceptable for a large CUV.

Ride and handling are more car like than you would expect. She tended to float like a large sedan. With a third row seating option, large families will love this truck. Almost 23 cubic feet of cargo room directly behind the third row allows for everything to be transported inside the vehicle and not on the optional roof rack system. Several trim levels are available including convenience, premium and all wheel drive. Starting price for the 2013 Enclave is a respectable $38,445.00. Other vehicles in this class are more expensive and don't measure up to the test truck.

Safety in the Enclave does not take a back seat to anyone. Over the years the Buick Enclave has built on a strong track record of providing a very stable safe environment for long hauls to and from the cottage. The NHTSA has given it an overall, 5 star safety rating. A top pick from the Insurance industry as well.

A list of standard equipment on the Enclave includes front seat side airbags, full length side curtain airbags, and stability control. For added safety, a standard rearview camera has been added to compliment the colour touch radio controls. GM has also added for this year a center console airbag to protect passenger and driver from colliding in the event of an accident. Innovations not seen elsewhere.

As in all of GM's higher end vehicles, the 2013 Buick Enclave offers all the upper end technological options including HD radio, satellite radio, rearview camera, USB connections, an easy to use interface, and Bluetooth hands-free calling and audio streaming. Upgrades also available include navigation and a concert hall quality 10 speaker BOSE sound system. It truly will knock your socks off.

As a mother of 4 children, and someone who is concerned for their welfare and well-being, I think the Enclave ticks all the boxes in safety, styling, comfort and control. I liked it for its very elegant and refined styling, full size second row seating and fuel economy. My dislike is that it can't stay in my driveway.

Its competitors in this category better take note, the 2013 Enclave offers a lot of bang for the buck. Overall ratings for this vehicle are either equal too or higher than some of its more expensive imported counterparts. She ranked higher than the Lexus RX350 and equalled the Acura MDX in some of the reviews that I perused. Not bad company to keep if you ask me and at a lower price tag too. Who was it that said that, "good things come in small packages?" They obviously have not driven thi