2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid Review


"What a difference a day makes." Okay, so not quite a day, more like two years to be exact. What I am talking about is the differences between Ford Motor Company's 2011 Ford Fusion Hybrid and the all new, completely redesigned and reengineered 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid. The only similarities between the two cars stops at the fact that they both have 4 wheels and 4 doors.

The former model of the Fusion was very tempting. My husband and I sat down and talked about our like for this vehicle. We both loved everything about it, especially the "green" aspects of it. We all must consider the environmental positives that come with owning a Hybrid car. Cutting down on the use of fossil fuels and non-renewable resources is a big plus in my books. Add in the outstanding fuel economy of the Hybrid and we have a winner.

The 2011 Ford Fusion was available in 4 cylinder, 6 cylinder and Hybrid models. However, the brain trust at Ford has been hard at work formulating new innovative technologies that allow higher performance from much smaller engines. Their need for the 6 cylinder version has diminished.


The 2013 Fusion Hybrid has all the high end upgrades that the previous model came with such as, Premium Sound AM/FM/CD 6-pack, equipped with MP3 jacks, USB inputs and 6 speakers. Moonroof, leather seating and steering wheel mounted controls all designed to enhance your driving experience while paying attention to the road ahead.

Our test car, was loaded with new features such as the Ford BLIS system, Blind Spot Information System which alerts driver of impending traffic in those hard to see areas along the B pillars on either side of the car. The driver is warned through illuminated side mirrors of possible problems. Cross-traffic Alert utilizes these same radar sensors to notify drivers of approaching vehicles when slowly reversing out of a parking space.

The SmartGauge®, which comes standard on Fusion Hybrid uses bright LCD screens and a built-in tutorial that takes you through its 4 display models, each designed to aid in your efficiency standards. Language options, units of measure and more can all be adjusted to driver preferences. They have enhanced the efficiency forest which grows leaves on the trees to reward good driving habits and subsequently loses leaves when bad driving habits are exhibited. After all, the reason for making an investment in Hybrid technology is for fuel efficiency, overall reductions in operating costs and environmental stewardship.

The Fusion Hybrid is so chalk full of options, there really are to many to mention. The real truth about this car comes from actually driving it. The engine noise is virtually undetectable at city speeds and pleasantly surprising even while driving on the highway.


My love affair with this car started when I first spotted it at the 2013 NAIAS (also known as the Detroit Auto Show). It's aerodynamic lines and high-end looking pedigree make it one of the coolest looking cars on the road today. This car looks as though it should be a staple on the Autobahn in Germany and be an intimidating force for the German sports cars. All the while sipping the fuel and making its owners giggle with pride.

For those of you interested in trying something different, then the 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid equipped with it's fuel sipping 4 cylinder engine might just be the ticket. I felt rejuvenated and inspired after each drive with this car. Being a responsible parent, citizen and car owner does not have to be the least bit boring. The third generation of Ford Hybrid technology with class leading lithium-ion battery pack, and a 2.0L Atkinson-cycle engine delivers such a high level of performance it's hard to believe it is so darn efficient.

Other engine options are also available on the 2013 Fusion; a 1.6L EcoBoost® engine which boasts 179 horsepower and 177 lb./ft. of torque. That translates to 20% better fuel numbers than its outgoing predecessor, the I4 engine. And for the car enthusiast who demands more power and efficiency all-in-one, there is the 2.0L EcoBoost® which produces 240 horsepower and 250 lb./ft. of torque.

No matter what your preference, the folks at Ford have designed this car with the intention of taking over top spot in the mid-size car market in North America.

For those of you out there who think you must drive German engineered sedans to look successful, think again. Smart money would be to invest in the all-new 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid. Your wallet will thank you with the savings...