A Dog's Life


It's hard to believe that we are rapidly approaching the end to another wonderful summer. Cottage life has been enjoyed and conquered once again. Kids are another year older, wiser, smarter and hopefully happier. Each year, I go through the same sets of emotions; did I do enough with them to keep them engaged, did we try enough new things to want to do it again next year? I realize I'm not alone in this, as most mothers I have spoken to, feel exactly the same way. I know I cannot stop the kids from growing up, but does it really have to be this quickly?


The one thing that is certain through all of this is my special little girl, Paisley. She doesn't judge me, she doesn't talk back or sass me when I know that I am right, and she most certainly doesn't critique what I put on the table at mealtime. My ever-growing brood on the other hand, well that's another story sometimes.

I know that at the end of the day, my children love me and do infect respect me, it's just that they are growing up and trying to set their own boundaries.

August 26th is National Dog Day and I intend on trying to make Paisley feel special. Her fur has grown so quickly this year, that it will be the third time getting trimmed since April. I am going to treat her to a nice morning at the dog groomers, as I love how adorable she looks when she comes home. She smells wonderfully clean and I think she even enjoys the outdoors a little more with shorter fur. The humidity doesn't affect her as much.




At the beginning of the summer, we asked everyone to try and set resolutions for their dogs. Try new things, escape from the everyday, and make your dog feel special while Living Big with your pets. I have strived to rid Paisley of her puppy anxieties, and I truly feel we are making headway. The cottage time at the lake was very therapeutic for both of us. She spent numerous hours in and around the lake while I was always close by on a lounger. Sort of being like the pseudo-lifeguard for my family.

Paisley has certainly had some changes in her life too. When we first picked her up from the breeders, she was very fussy about riding in the car. She would tremble on the spot if you asked her if she wanted to go car ride. Continuously encouraging her to come along for a ride has worked, she now get excited to go anywhere in the car as long as she can sit up high and see out the windows. Her little tail is wagging the whole time and she even gets jumpy when she realizes we are home.

Owning a pet is a long-term commitment with some very special rewards. I simply love my Paisley and know she loves me as well. As a dog owner, you must remember to take care of your pet's health requirements. Starting with a healthy diet which includes real meat products, such as Purina ONE SmartBlend or the ever tasty Beggin' Strips, Paisley's go-to treat.

Until next time...

This post was sponsored by Purina Canada. The views and opinions expressed in this blog, however, are purely my own.