A Year Of Living Big With Our Pets Continues


Since last we spoke, there have in my mind been some milestone moments in relation to our puppy, Paisley. As she is a definite member of the family in most every way, it is imperative to me that we help her with any anxieties she may display.

One of the first things we noticed is that she is uber skittish when it comes to loud noises. Be it the vacuum cleaner, the hair dryer or even the steam function on the steam iron. That is not to say that she runs and hides under the bed type of skittish, but it is apparent that she does not favour loud noises.

One of the things we have been actively working on is preparing her for the loud noises. We cannot expect the family to alter their daily patterns at getting ready. That would be way more difficult to deal with having a house full of girls, than trying to ready the puppy for the any oncoming surprises.

Paisley continues to be a very affectionate and loving puppy, who loves to snuggle and cuddle with the kids any opportunity she gets. The realization was made, that if we were going to have any luck in ridding her of her loud noise anxiety, it would have to be done while she is in the arms of one of the kids.


I think, part of the problem I was having was that I didn't want to traumatize her while at the same time trying to quash her anxieties. I decided to try a few different things. I remembered that one of my girls had an old starter hair dryer. A very cheap, quiet and low wattage model and that was perfect for our needs. I decided to try turning it on with Paisley in close proximity. Her initial reaction was as expected...

She spun her head around quickly and froze in my daughter's arms. After realizing that this one was not nearly as loud as my professional salon dryer, she seemed to be at ease. I asked my little one to bring her to me in her arms in hopes that I may coax (bribe) her with some Purina treats. Once she saw the Purina Beggin' Strips, her anxiousness seemed to wane. Her focus was more on the treats she was getting.

My girls have each tried this same approach, using the little hair dryer and it has worked successfully every time. Just yesterday I switched back to my big girl dryer and she was quite okay with the louder noise. Mission accomplished in regards to the hair dryer. Now, if I can only do something about the fire truck sirens from around the corner, we will have completed the unthinkable.



Each month we will continue to work with our beloved Paisley, trying to make her the best puppy she can be. Reporting and writing about it as part of the Purina Pet People Ambassador program is an added bonus for this lucky girl. Paisley loves her Beggin' Strips and DentaLife Chews and I will continue to use them as a bribe, because it works. The fact that they are good for her is an added bonus.

We will strive to keep up with the daily walks, the rewarding of good behavior as well as giving her a little more crate freedom when we go out for quick errands.

Until next time, keep showing your puppy the love.


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This post was sponsored by Purina Canada. The views and opinions expressed in this blog, however, are purely my own.