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Winter is not yet over, the ice and slippery sidewalks are not a pleasant sight. Avoid falling this winter season with these amazing, simple and unique products, they are made for men, women and children. With a unique and patented surface, YAKTRAX provides the same solid, predictable grip felt on dry surfaces and ensures stability on ice and snow.
Ladies I can wear these with my high heel winter boots as well....
Benefits of YAKTRAX:

• Reduces falls and injuries during the winter
• Can be worn in temperatures as low as -41 degrees Fahrenheit
• Enables one to walk naturally
• Heel tab makes it easy to slip on and off
• Has abrasion-resistant coils to provide side to side stability
• Spikeless and Ultralight
• Spikeless design ensures safety when in use and when stored in pocket
• Ten times the gripping points as any spike based traction device
• Compact, lightweight and user-friendly
• Conforms to the width or length of most types of shoes
• YAKTRAX PRO has a removable performance strap that keeps the YAKTRAX on through more vigorous activity


More information contact Ashworth Associates http://www.ashworthassociates.com/


Venturing outdoors during the wintertime no longer requires leaving the warmth of home behind. Designed for anyone from athletes to outdoor enthusiasts, Little Hotties Warmers are easy to use and require no batteries or microwaves!

Little Hotties Hand Warmers
• Provides up to eight hours of pure heat with an average activated temperature of 135ºF(57ºC)
• All Natural
• Air Activated
• Odourless
To Use: active by shaking cloth pouch for a few seconds and place pouch in an enclosed area such as a jacket pocket or glove. After placing in an enclosed area, it can take up to 20 minutes to reach maximum heat.