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Cash Back Cards Have Evolved to Please the Consumer

Shopping is a specialty of mine, or so my husband seems to think. Spending money wisely however, is always on my mind. Having a large family we're always thinking of the future and saving money for tuitions, vacations and of course, the four weddings. Getting more for your money has never been more important. Utilizing rewards programs is one way to stretch that all mighty dollar.

Christmas in our house is probably the single largest expense throughout the year, as we use it to not only give back to loved ones, but to also reward the little ones for a year of helping each other be good people. Having four children at all different stages and trying to meet their needs and wants can be a costly venture. We actually start shopping mid-September for the holiday season which is why I was happy when AMEX challenged me to test drive the TrueEarnings Card from American Express and Costco. Over the next few months, I'll be sharing my experience with this Card with you, and invite your feedback. So far the TrueEarnings Card is just the Card for me, as the bonuses are always attainable. Simply spend money on the things you normally purchase day-to-day, and you will be rewarded every time the card leaves your wallet.

I love being asked for my rewards Card at checkouts. The great thing with the TrueEarnings Card is I don't have to be carrying around multiple loyalty cards. When I make a purchase and pay with the Card I get rewarded and I can track just how much on my monthly statements.

Where do you spend the bulk of your money? I know the grocery store and filling up the vehicles with gas can be the two largest expenses in our weekly budget. With my new TrueEarnings Card I can earn 2% cash back on my eligible purchases at gas stations. With the increasing gas prices this certainly appeals to me as a Canadian Consumer.

Everyday spending can virtually turn into cash back rewards. With the TrueEarnings Card, you can shop outside of Costco and still put cash back into your pockets. Taking the family out for dinner at a restaurant, Card members can earn a 3% on eligible restaurant purchases.

I mentioned Christmas shopping earlier and the huge expense it can be. Now imagine receiving cash back every January. Having something to spend by way of a reward or bonus paid to you when the other bills are coming in just makes good sense. Kind of takes the edge off the January blues. Rebates from the TrueEarnings Card are in the form of a coupon that is redeemable at any Costco in Canada for goods, services or cash.

Warehouse shopping by design, is very cost effective, and can save the average family hundreds of dollars each year. I love shopping at Costco in particular as they carry a wide range of products that I buy anyway. Ranging from kids vitamins in bulk, to multi packed bread, and family sized shampoo or the larger ticket items such as computers and TV's. I have been a member of Costco since the early 1990's, now shopping there has an exciting new added benefit. You must have an existing Costco membership to apply for the TrueEarnings Card, and there is no annual fee.

What are you're smart shopping tips for earning cash back rewards?

How do you stretch the family budget? Give your little tips to make things go further.


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