TrueEarnings Card from Costco and American Express


I have been using the TrueEarnings Card from Costco and American Express for a couple of months now and have given it some great mileage. I prefer to use one credit card. It prevents over-spending and racking up debt but also allows me to keep track of my purchases and offers some great cash-back rewards.

I have been traveling a lot recently, and as it is not wise to carry a lot of cash, my TrueEarnings Card came in very handy while I was in LA last month. While on board a flight, you need a credit card to make purchases, and a five-hour flight requires beverages and a good meal. I simply use my TrueEarnings Card and get cash-back. Also, because my Interac card would not work when I was in the United States, my TrueEarnings Card was my saving grace. I even used my card for my morning lattes at my favourite
coffee house.

I leave again tomorrow for another trip, and will be using my TrueEarnings Card once again while I am away for food and entertainment while in the air and any (knock on wood) unexpected purchases.

My goal is to pay off my balance after I return and start shopping for Christmas. I have four children, two dogs and one husband. The holiday season is a little costly in our house, so hopefully with the right budget and the help of the TrueEarnings Card, I will be smiling come January when the bills come in.

That shouldn't be a tall order, since I will also receive my annual cash-back rebate in January - hands-down one of the best features of the TrueEarnings Card. The best part? When you receive your rebate, you have a choice to spend it at Costco or receive the amount in cash! After my balance is paid off and the busy holiday season has slowed down, the rebate in January will be a perfect way to reward myself.


AMEX challenged me to test drive the TrueEarnings Card from American Express and Costco. With the holiday season quickly approaching, the TrueEarnings Card is like a gift to myself. This blog was sponsored by our friends at American Express.