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Nicole Nifo, Registered Massage Therapist, is also qualified to work with pregnant women and children. She Specializes in deep tissue release, NISA, myofascial release technique, Hot Stone Therapy, Ear Candling and Reiki.

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Research Based Therapy
Why Should You Massage Your Baby?

"The first sensory input in life comes from the sense of touch while a baby is still in the womb, and touch continues to be a primary means of learning about he world throughout infancy and well into childhood. Touch is critical for children's growth, development and health, as well as for adults' physical and mental well-being. Yet the American society is dangerously touch-deprived" -Tiffany Field 2001 The MIT Press
Evidence based research of Massage Therapy on Infants at the Touch Research Institute of Miami "shows that touch stimulation can positively affect physiological, behavioral, and social development among infants."

Families today are seeking more information on infant massage. It has almost become a trend. A trend that promotes bonding in the family, the health and well-being of infants and empowering parents with helpful tools to nurture and relax their baby.

Here is a list of results of some of the studies that have been done by the TRI over the years:
• Father-infant interactions are enhanced by Massage Therapy
• Massage stimulates growth in preterm infants
• Preterm infants show reduced stress behaviors and activity after 5 days of Massage Therapy
• Temperature increases in preterm infants with Massage Therapy
• Sleep problems in infants decrease following Massage Therapy

One study mentions that during a study done with infants "the stimulated neonates averaged a 47% weight gain, were more active and alert during sleep/ wake behavior observations, and showed more habituation, orientation, motor and range of state behavior. Their hospital stay was also 6 days shorter, saving the hospital approximately $3,000 per infant"
Its is also important to choose a Massage Therapist who has taken many courses specializing in infants and has a lot of experience working with newborns and their families.

If we can all help to create awareness about infant massage, we will not only empower new parents, but also contribute to positive growth, development and maturity of young children growing up in today's fast pase and sometimes rough society.
Quotes and more info on the TRI and infant massage research can be found at: Touch Research Institute of Miami website