Baby Steps....How Do We Get There


With the March Break holidays having come and gone, it is time to start looking throughout the house for the spring cleaning opportunities that I am sure are stacking up.  If your house is anything like mine, you know exactly what I am speaking of.

It is not all about what needs to be done around the house.  This time of year also brings thoughts of new beginnings and rebirth, as the tulips begin to grow outside in the garden.  It reminds me of many years ago when I was first thinking of starting a family.  My husband and I had been trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant for several months, and with that the thoughts of possible infertility issues began to creep in.  Several of my friends were already starting their own families, some even on their second and third kids.  And there was us, not having any luck, and certainly not for a lack of trying.  You wonder whether or not there is something physically, medically, or emotionally wrong with you.  Are you putting to much undue stress on the situation thereby making it even more unlikely for you to become pregnant?  Maybe...

Anything is possible when it comes to getting pregnant, everyday life is already difficult enough.  You certainly don't need this piled on as well.  As luck would have it, after considering seeking both medical and psychological assistance, we were indeed pregnant.  All these years later, with 4 wonderful kids, I am still reminded of those days when I thought there was no chance of ever becoming a mom.

Maybe that is why I am so enthused about working with Conceivable Dreams, a grass roots organization whose purpose for being is too bring awareness and direction to those responsible for making the big decisions, namely the provincial government.

Their campaign, OHIP4IVF, is focused on getting the Ontario Government to fund the costly procedure for wannabe parents.  IVF (in-vitro fertilization) treatments are very expensive and don't come with any guarantees of actually becoming pregnant.  However, for those who have been trying for months and in some cases years, IVF may be their last hope. 

Other provincial jurisdictions have for years funded IVF treatments with some very amazing statistics, the least of which is a reduction in overall medical and health related costs for babies.  The IVF program is designed around increasing the odds of having a baby by fertilizing more than one egg at a time, hoping that one actually takes.  The down side to that philosophy is in many cases, multiple births and children with health issues due to early arrival are a regular by-product.  I am not saying there is anything wrong with having more than one baby at a time, but many couples are not at all prepared for the added responsibilities that come with multiple births.

Couples usually only get one shot at IVF, due to the fact that it costs several thousand dollars for each treatment.  That is why they tend to fertilize multiple embryos at a time.  We could speak to the health issues on a hypothetical basis, but with the extreme likelihood of early delivery of twins and triplets, there are costs associated with this happening.  The earlier a baby arrives on the scene has a direct link to what it will cost in additional health care due to the fact it may spend several weeks in the neo-natal intensive care unit (NICU).  Respiratory issues and other health concerns all cost money as well.  I do not for one minute think that the costs of funding IVF treatments through OHIP would cost as much as the additional costs involved in taking care of the early birth babies and the other related health issues that could last into their toddler years.

If we are all on the same page on this, we can aid Conceivable Dreams and help to get the point across, that the Ontario Government has an obligation, both morally and ethically to at least look at it.  After all they are elected by us, and must answer our calls.  Take the time to speak with your local politicians.  This may not affect you directly, but we all know someone who has been subjected to this form of discrimination.  Have them at least look at the possible funding solutions that other provinces are currently using and have been saving them money for years.  In the end, all we really want is to be great parents and have a successful career and a happy home.


Disclosure: I am a valued member of the Conceivable Dreams blog team.