Baring One's Soul

I began my healthy journey this past summer, in August 2011. I joined a gym and decided enough was enough. I have never had a weight issue and simply wanted to turn back the clock to get my mind, body and soul into shape again.

For months I have been thinking about calories, weights, treadmills, protein shakes and fitting into smaller sizes. Yes, I must admit the smaller sizes became my inspiration and made me extremely happy. I have always been very self-confident and after giving birth to 4 children decided it was time to take back the me, I used to be. This endeavour was one of sweat and tears, coupled with a determination that I did not realize I had.

I have officially lost 25 pounds and have kept if off since October 2011. I know that was just a few months ago, but the weight has stayed off and I am "in maintenance mode." If you want to know how I lost the weight, then follow the link. If I can inspire even just one person to make this decision a little easier, then I have succeeded.

I am posting these before and after pictures to help inspire others.