Cancer Screening

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Ontario has one of the highest survival rates for breast cancer in the world, with nearly 90 per cent of women surviving the disease. Yet research provided by Cancer Care Ontario (CCO) reveals that more than half a million women eligible for OBSP are not getting screened.

You can do your part in ensuring your loved ones aren't part of this statistic. The province of Ontario is encouraging early detection by expanding the OBSP. Women between the ages of 30 and 69 who are at high risk for breast cancer because of genetics or a personal or family history are now eligible to receive an annual breast screening MRI and a mammogram through the program.

Women over 30 are encouraged to talk to their family physician to discuss what breast cancer screening option is right for them, and for their mothers, friends and loved ones to do the same. Regular screening, combined with greater self-awareness and improvements in treatment, has been shown to save lives.

Women can visit ontario.ca/screenforlife and complete the "Time to Screen" tool to find out when it's the right time for them to get screened. They can also view videos of a former cancer patent outlining the importance of screening and Dr. Rene, a radiologist detailing the screening process.

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