Cavalia Odysseo


WonderMoms spent an amazing evening in Toronto. We attended the Media Night for the Cavalia Odysseo travelling horse extravaganza. To say it was amazing, is an understatement.

The show takes place in the Toronto Portlands under the "Big White Top." It encompasses over 5400 square meters, the size of more than 12 Raptor basketball courts. There is seating capacity for 2000 with every one having a great vantage point of the stage and its numerous performers.

We didn't really know what to expect upon arriving at the venue. It was a nice surprise to be put in the VIP dining tent complete with a wonderful selection of foods, wines and beers. This is an option to the general public with the purchase of the right ticket package.

The show begins with a sheer curtain across the front of the stage as a series of white horses meanders into the foreground, a very magical sight for those who love wildlife. The stage is surrounded with very large trees as if you are out in the forest in some far off land. The imagery is absolutely breathtaking.



At one point in the show I counted 31 horses on the stage at the same time. A combination of some 14 different breeds from all over the globe makes up the show. You quickly realize as the show goes on, that the animals are well taken care of as you can see the intimacy between animal and trainer. The horses look to be enjoying what they do.

We were also introduced to an aerial acrobatic team who performs on rings and ropes high above the ground with an elegance you must see to believe. I was so enthralled by the show itself, I didn't realize for quite some time that there was live musicians and singers performing. It certainly added to the evening.

I found myself fantasizing about some fairytale land where all your dreams would come true. There is no speaking or commentary throughout the show, just a series of songs and music that put everything into perspective and you understand the meaning of the show without having the words to describe it.

The cast of Cavalia is made up of performers and artists from over 12 countries including the likes of Brazil, Russia, France and Japan. One of the things that impressed me most was the quickness in which the performers changed wardrobe and were back on stage.

The final sequence of the evening is something you have to see to believe. A female rider shows up at the top of the stage with her silhouette on the backdrop as her horse prances to the music overhead. As you are focused on her at the top of the stage, you don't see the bottom of the stage filling up with water to create a lake for the horses to walk and run through for the finale. I was simply amazed to see this happening right before your eyes. They have created an underground drain system built to flood the stage with over 300 000 litres of water for that final piece of the show. After the show, it takes almost 15 minutes for the water to drain away.

With our VIP passes, we were treated to going backstage after the show to meet the performers and the horses in their stable. As a lover of animals, I must say I was thoroughly impressed to see the facilities set up for the equine performers.

A first class show, all the way... Visit their website here --- http://www.cavalia.net/en

Odysseo will be in Toronto until May 24th, 2015