Celebrate National Puppy Day


National Puppy Day this year is to be celebrated on Thursday March 23rd to help drive awareness towards the puppy adoption process.

For those who may be in the market, there are several options available to you while looking for that forever pet. It really doesn't matter the breed you're looking for, the process should always be the same.


Research, research, research should be your mantra...


-Take the time; better yet, make the time to invest in your family's future fur baby. It is an investment that in some cases lasts 15-20 years depending on breed.

-Choose a breed that is appropriate to you and your family. Don't chose with your heart, when you should be choosing with your head. Meaning, some pups are adorable at 8 pounds living in a townhouse with little or no backyard, but if that breed is known to reach in excess of 120 pounds, then you've probably made the wrong decision for your family.

-A lifestyle appropriate choice is another example of the possible mistakes made by some dog lovers. Golden Retrievers for instance, can be very high strung and in need of lots of exercise. If you are a member of the proverbial couch potato club and don't like to get out, then this beautiful breed probably won't work in your favour. Some breeds of dogs can be full of "tude" and might be wrong around children.

No matter which choice you end up making, do it with an open mind and understanding that it is a commitment that if done correctly, can and will bring you years of joy and happiness.

Above all else, buy from a reputable breeder or retailer who will provide you with guarantees, vaccination records and perhaps even references from past customers. Purina is an active sponsor of Petfinder.com and work to make sure the adoption process is seamless and enjoyable for all involved.





As a Purina Pet People Ambassador, I think it's important to extend the knowledge we have garnered from listening to our readers, breeders and family friends alike to those who may be in the market for that newest member of the family. When we began looking for our beloved Paisley, we were certain to use all the tools at our disposal.


Paisley has brought a new found love to our home and she knows just how appreciated she is. She celebrated her 1-year anniversary with us last month. We have even had discussions about getting a little sister for her to play with. Our home has had two dogs in it for several years, so for us a single puppy household is the new normal.

We have been very actively training her to listen to our commands and act in a responsible way when people come by the house. Our house is full of teenage girls, so its never a dull moment. Paisley is adapting very well to being trained and she knows how to use it to her advantage. It makes one wonder whose training whom?



Just yesterday we brought home Purina One SmartBlend True Instinct with real turkey and venison flavour. Like in all Purina foods, they have only the best ingredients. With her being such a small dog, she rarely empties her dish, but with this new flavour it was done in minutes. I think we have a winner here.

So remember, if you are in the market for a new puppy, do your research and lean on the expertise of those who do this for a living. Educating yourself about your desired breed is essential.

National Puppy Day, March 23rd.



This post was sponsored by Purina Canada. The views and opinions expressed in this blog, however, are purely my own.