Changing it up with Telus

TELUS has continually set the bar when it comes to telecommunications excellence in this country. And with their latest announcements, they have surprised even themselves with just how easy it was to listen to their customer base.

I, for one have been a cellular user for the better part of 20 years and with that I can think of several things that have frustrated, confused and irked me over the years. The least of which is the add-on fees that we are required to pay in making any changes to our account. Change phones, equipment exchange fee; re-new contract, activation fee for both new customers and renewals. Where does it end?

Well, having said that, TELUS has finally heeded the advice of their customers and have decided to waive all fees. I am very excited to be able to talk about it and let the WonderMoms family know of the great news. NO MORE FEES!!

They should be commended on having the foresight and guts to make it happen. Kudos to you TELUS.

In their words, "the customers have spoken, they wanted more freedom and flexibility with their accounts." They are the first premium Canadian cellular carrier to get rid of them.

TELUS will no longer charge a $35 activation fee for new customers, nor will they charge a $25 equipment exchange for renewing customers. The customer base said they that if they were going to be charged for something, make it something "tangible", rather than on something like an activation. TELUS took customer requests to heart. They have also decided to charge only $10 for SIM cards to cover the product costs. A new SIM card is only required when customers don't already have a compatible TELUS SIM card for their associated device.

By taking the time to listen to the customer, they have simplified its entire fee schedule. They have eliminated 911 and system access fees on all its Clear and Simple rate plans.

How about Worry-free Travel, they have reduced international roaming rates by up to 60%. Add to that, Caller ID and Voicemail as standard features and you have the beginnings of a very wonderful friendship between TELUS and the customer.

Check out their website here for more details http://www.telusmobility.com/en/ON/home/ 

With all this exciting news, TELUS decided to sweeten the pot and offer up a wonderful giveaway exclusive to the WonderMoms family. We are equally pumped to announce a giveaway of the Nokia Lumia 800 smartphone. Enter often and good luck!



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