Children of my own...


The weather outside today is simply spring like...a balmy 12 degrees celsius. As this is the first nice day of the year, the kids were chomping at the bit to get outside. I found it quite comical the lack of designer outfits that appeared at the front door in hopes of being able to pass moms checklist for yard play. Winter boots and tank tops in my opinion just don't cut the mustard.

One thing that I found very noticeable today while taking the kids to the corner store for an ice cream was that two of the ladies in the neighbourhood are indeed pregnant. Due to the fact that for half the year we are so bundled up with warm clothing and indoors for the most part, we really don't get to see our neighbours all that often. It came as a surprise to see them what appears to be, very pregnant.

As I have said before, spring time is a time for rebirth in so many ways. Check out your garden, the evidence is there. Check out your local zoo, the evidence is most certainly there too. It seems as though spring brings out the best in all of us.

I think it also makes us think about the dreams already fulfilled and those we have yet to have realized. For those who are trying to have a baby it may become even more agonizing.

Why can't we use the spring of '13 as a jumping off point in promoting the values of Conceivable Dreams, a grass roots organization intent on having the Ontario government come to the table with funding solutions for IVF (in-vitro fertilization) treatments. Whether or not you can afford to have a baby should not have anything to do with the equation. Everyone should be treated equally in my mind. If we fund the treatments, then everyone will be treated equally and equitable.

Every wannabe mom should be given the opportunity to have a baby, as simple as that. And why can't we help them do just that? I, for one, would like to take the ability to pay out of the equation.

Becoming a parent shouldn't be that difficult...

As a mom who has suffered through her own miscarriage that required surgery to become pregnant. I feel qualified enough to share my personal opinion. If my husband and I were in need of outside assistance to have a baby, I would hope that our government would be there for us. In the years between having my first daughter and our second, we tried desperately to get pregnant again. It did not seem to be working. We got to the point where we contacted the Doctor and asked for assistance. Before we got the opportunity to attend the next appointment with the obstetrician, we were pregnant. Others are not always that lucky.

Conceivable Dreams' belief that every wannabe parent should be treated the same is evident in the fact that this is all they do. Fund the solutions and make it a case of whether or not your body accepts a pregnancy, not whether or not you can afford to pay for it. The cost aspect shouldn't even factor in.


Disclosure: I am a valued member of the Conceivable Dreams blog team.