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Annabel Fitzsimmons is a mother of two, a writer, a yoga and Pilates teacher, and the founder of www.clearspaceonline.com.

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Renew Your Mind

A vast amount of information passes through our head in a single day. Our minds are constantly sorting, sifting and processing thoughts, facts, and choices. As a result, many of us spend the majority of our day in our heads. It's pretty common to feel like our mind is cluttered, that we need to feel renewed mentally. So how can we keep ourselves focused and clear amidst the daily demands on our time and energy?

A simple trick is to create a top 10 list of the things we do to feel mentally renewed. Then post them on your dresser, your desktop, or your fridge as a reminder to take time out to clear your head.

Here an example of my current top 10 list of things I do to feel mentally renewed.

Unplug (go offline)
Take a holiday
Get outside (spend time in nature)
Simply sit (do nothing)
Creative activity (art or play with my kids)

There may be a lot of crossover between what rejuvenates you mentally and what rejuvenates you physically. Our physical state has great influence on our mental state and vice versa. But we often go through phases where we are paying attention more to one than the other.

We all have few triggers that tell us we need to focus on mental renewal. Feeling overwhelmed. Feeling distracted. Forgetting things. An inability to focus. All of the above are also by-products of motherhood and sleep deprivation, but if we're aware of these warning signals, we can take a step back, look at our list, and clear space to rejuvenate. It doesn't need to be a long period of time. Often taking just five minutes for a mental health break can make all the difference.

What's on your top 10 list for mental renewal? May you clear space this month for all that your mind needs.