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Stressed and Tired

Today I hit the wall, I literally felt my body shaking from exhaustion and took a "mental health" day off...even though my kids had a PA day. I have been non-stop and haven't slowed down in weeks, my own fault maybe? I 'm not a perfectionist, but a very hard worker, being you're own boss there is no one there to tell me to slow down or take a break.

I reached out to another very busy Mom today, Erica of the YMC and she offered a few suggestions for me. Erica is always there to listen or reach out and I thank her for that. I also vented to another friend and she received a full on rant from me, poor girl. I know she loves me and I do the same for her.

What are your stress relief tips, how do you stay grounded in this busy word? Please help others, as I know I am not the only one feeling this today.

The day ended in a very good note as I received two pretty freaking fabulous emails, I will share on another date. I decided to treat myself to some Thai food for dinner and walked in their establishment the sign says "Leave Your Bad Mood at the Door", how could I not smile. While sipping my green tea I read a sign.

*Say something silly
*Laugh until it hurts
*Take a risk
*Tell a secret
*Sing out loud
*Rock the boat
*Shake things up
*Flirt with disaster
*Color outside the lines
*Cause a scene
*Order dessert
*Make waves
*Get carried away
*Have a great day

I think my day is pretty good now....I will remember these sayings and add them to my day tomorrow.