Crayola Innovation the Thread Wrapper


Every now and then you come across a new product that makes you immediately think of its usefulness. The Crayola Thread Wrapper is one such product. It is designed to bring out your child's creative side while allowing them to customize most everything they can get their hands on. My husband joked with the girls about not wanting to sit still...as they would wrap him up too.


We were invited to meet with Crayola for the unveiling of some new and innovative kids products for the upcoming holiday season. My two youngest girls were invited to sample and play with the latest and greatest that Crayola has to offer. Sitting and watching my kids play with the Crayola Thread Wrapper; I began to see it through their eyes and the many uses I could envision for it in my own home.


My daughter Emily took a hairbrush from my bag and asked if she could customize the handle and make it special. Her being the creative one in the family, I was not at all shocked by her request. She is forever taking old beat up pieces of clothing at home and adorning it with paints and glitter to make them spectacular. With the Thread Wrapper, I saw that same level of interest in her as she was rummaging through the bag trying to find other items to embellish.


The Crayola Thread Wrapper is simple enough to use. It takes 3 AA batteries to power it up. Once you turn it on, you can begin to wrap the coloured threads that you have preloaded onto it spools around almost anything. When a spool is empty, there is a simple re-spooling process that takes only seconds and they are right back at it. The Thread Wrapper literally takes what's old and makes it new again.
We were lucky enough to be able to take a Thread Wrapper home with us that day. I too, have found many uses for it already and have since gone to the craft store for more thread.

In a house full of electronic devices, all of which require cords to charge them at days' end, I used the Thread Wrapper to wrap up the cables to not only identify them as to who they belonged to, but also to make them Fabulous!! There is no more arguing about phone charger cables. A simple enough idea, as the kids know not to touch the others' chargers. If it is not your colour scheme then don't touch it.

I look forward to playing, I mean, experimenting with the Crayola Thread Wrapper as I have several more things to use it on. As for the kids, well lets just say, they may have to get their own as this momma is currently enjoying the Thread Wrapper.

Keep up the great work Crayola, it is products like these that keep the little ones engaged and off their gaming devices.







This post was sponsored by Crayola Canada. The views and opinions expressed in this post, however, are purely my own.