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How to make an entrance!

Confession time!!! When I visit someone's home for the first time, I make a point of "checking out" their foyer. Why you ask? Because a foyer is the entryway into your home....or as I like to call it - the gateway into your home decor personality!
The foyer or entryway in your home creates the initial impression a visitor will have of your home. Although it's only a transitional space that is walked through briefly -- the statement you make should be memorable!
These gorgeous pictures of foyers below have me drooling for the following reasons:
They create an instant impact with me. It makes me want to see more of this house!
It's inviting...I actually want to sit down and remove my shoes versus run out the door.
I can imagine what the rest of the home decor is like...since the foyer is like a tiny glimmer of what awaits me, and lastly,
I have now entered the gateway into your home decor personality....be it glamorous, traditional, laid back, out-going, etc.
Now stay a while and enjoy!! You're gonna wish these foyers were yours!!!


Design by Miles Redd via House Beautiful


Design by Christopher Corcoran via House Beautiful


Image via House Beautiful




These next three foyers are a definite Glam-Slam since they are ultra glamorous and speak volumes to the type of individual that lives there. 




And, you don't need a large foyer to make a great impression. Small spaces can be made equally exciting and make a stylish statement, like the foyer below.


I swear this foyer will appear in my future summer home...I love the whole vibe it gives off. Come on in and put your feet up!!!


Style At Home
So what do all these stunning foyers have in common?
Bold dramatic walls via wallpaper, paint colour and texture that make an instant impact!
A beautiful table (console, chest) to place your keys/purse and unique decorative items that reflect the decor theme or your personality
A stunning mirror or artwork above the foyer table. I prefer a mirror for a last minute lipstick check 
A comfy chair or bench for guests to comfortably remove or put on their shoes...trust me, you will use it too!
Lighting...whether it's a lamp on the console table or a stunning light fixture above -- your guests need to see where they are, and last
Fresh Flowers to brighten up everyone's day!!
A first impression begins at your front door! So what does your foyer say about you?
If your home is craving some glamour, then contact me online or in person! I'd love to help!
Glamorously yours,

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