Despicable Me 3


It never fails that when there is a new kids themed movie being released, my kids are all over me to either go to the theatre to see it, or whenever possible download it or buy it online. My preference has always been to sit in the movie theatre, with the full compliment of popcorn, gummie bears, and the biggest soda I can carry. I am a creature of habit and love kickin' it old school.

From the very beginning of Despicable Me 3, I was hooked. The opening sequence features a dancing Balthazar Bratt (the villain) to Michael Jackson's BAD. Hilarious...

We quickly find out that he was once a childhood acting star whose show was cancelled and he quickly fell to the dark side and developed some very villainous ways. Balthazar uses a series of 80's toys to scam others with some super powers. The 80's sensation, the Rubik's Cube has explosive abilities to get Bratt out of some sticky situations and away from harms way.


For followers of the original movies, we know that Gru was once a villain himself who was coaxed into becoming a good person after adopting the girls, Margo, Edith and Agnes. The Minions also followed in Gru's footsteps to become upstanding law abiding citizens. However, in Despicable Me 3 the Minions are bored with being nice and are intent on finding a new villain to follow. As we all know, Minions are followers.

At the start of this movie Gru is fired from the Anti-Villain League for letting Balthazar get away with a huge diamond. A major identity crisis follows as he feels that he has been wronged. However, a surprise visit from a mysterious stranger who shows up to inform him that he has a long-lost twin brother. His brother, Dru is intent on getting Gru back to the dark side. Dru desperately wishes to follow in his brother's evil footsteps. It is going to be a difficult task, as Gru, Lucy and the girls quite enjoy being nice. Gru soon rediscovers just how good it feels to be bad. As the movie progresses, the pressures on Gru to be bad test his will power. Good versus evil ensues.






One of my favourite scenes is in the Tipsy Unikorn tavern, where Agnes and Edith enter thinking they may find the elusive unicorn. One of the girls screams with excitement at the sign of a unicorn horn that emerged from the Crooked Forest. Lucy thinks that the girls are in trouble and runs into the tavern and continues to mop the floor with all the bars patrons. She ends this sequence with an, "oops sorry, I went a little momma bear on ya."

The Minions end up in Hollywood looking for their new leader and end up getting arrested by a movie studios security detail for unknowingly breaking and entering while following a pizza delivery man onto the movie lot. The talent show audition that follows is quite good also.

Not to give anything away about the ending, I just hope that Good wins out over Evil and the good Gru lives to fight another day with his loving family at his side.

We recently received a pre-release copy of Despicable Me 3 and decided to throw a bit of a party at home. The girls invited some of their friends over for the screening. Loaded up with the as before mentioned bucket of popcorn and some other themed goodies, we settled in for the show. Blue and yellow balloons scattered all around, yellow paper plates, a disco ball and an inflatable boom box (ghetto blaster for those 80's folks). They loved the yo-yo's, glow sticks and especially the rubik's cube. You too can create a DYI Despicable Me 3 viewing party, think yellow and blue and let your children's imagination run wild. The kids thought it was sick. 

After the movie was over, we had a blast watching them put together some movie themed crafts using the ideas from the film and they decorated their very own Minion cups, and made themed popcorn complete with Minion googly eyes. All in all, the movie was a hit and the girls have subsequently watched it over and over again.


The December release of the 4K ULTRA HD, BLUE-RAY, DVD & DIGITAL comes with some very cool bonus features

-An all-new Mini Movie- The Secret Life of Kyle.
-Minion Moments- mayhem with the Minions and Gru.
-The Making of DM3- Behind the scenes look
-Developing Dru- design and introduction of the new character
-And so much more including a sing along with Pharrell Williams

This is the third fully animated feature in the Despicable Me franchise, a collaboration of Illumination Entertainment and Universal Pictures. If you liked the first two movies in the series, then you are sure to enjoy the latest iteration. DM3 is good clean family entertainment. A must have for your collection of kids movies.

This post was sponsored by Universal Pictures. The views and opinions expressed in this blog, however, are purely my own.

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