Disney's Magic Plane


With the holidays fast approaching, it's time to start thinking about securing our other holidays too, the ones in the sun. For those of you out there who are lucky enough to be able to make the annual trek down I-75 to the wonderful state of Florida, Disney and WestJet have something else to make your vacation even more memorable. They have just launched the Magic Plane, a brand new state of the art Boeing 737-800 series aircraft featuring an outstanding custom paint job. A paint job that would rival anything you have seen before, and could even turn the heads of custom car painters. It features a larger than life Mickey Mouse on the tail section dressed in his most famous outfit ever, Sorcerer Mickey.

Imagine sitting in the terminal at the airport waiting for your plane to arrive at the gate and all of a sudden in true Disney style, the Magic Plane pulls up. The smiles and adoration from your little ones would last a lifetime. I have always said, if you are gonna do it, do it right.

I, for one have flown aboard WestJet on numerous occasions and I can tell you first hand, Disney Parks and Resorts has partnered with a winner in WestJet. Like every other experience Disney has to offer you, it is all about the customer and how their perception of the perfect vacation is realized. WestJet prides themselves too, as almost every employee is a, "WestJet owner." Taking customer service to another level is what they are about.

In a very competitive world, giving you the very best is of utmost importance. This is where these two powerhouses excel in almost every facet of their business. I look forward to one day taking a trip back down to the happiest place on earth aboard the Magic Plane and the friendly staff of WestJet there to take care of my most every whim.

The custom paint job took a talented team of 26 people 24 days of working around the clock to perfect what you see in the Magic Plane. There are more than 36 different paint colours used to produce this amazing work of art, and probably a little pixie dust too. Over the next 5 years, she will entertain more than 400,000 guests and fly more almost 8,000,000 kilometres.

I showed my own children the time lapse video of the plane being worked on and it was my little one who guessed first that the plane did in fact have Mickey Mouse on board. The imagination of a child is what Disney does best. Long may it continue, and may my family be able to partake in all it's splendour.

So, for those of you planning a getaway, Walt Disney World and WestJet have got you covered.