Don't fail the brush test


I am someone who can speak first hand to the importance of good oral hygiene. When I was in my thirties, I was subjected to having braces put on to correct an irregularity with my upper teeth. Imagine my frustration, embarrassment and overall disbelief that someone my age was in need of braces.

Was I guilty of neglecting my teeth? Did I do something to make this happen or was it just simple genetics? I searched for answers, and came up with none...

So, after much inner strife, I decided to take the "case of the brace" head on. I was going to use the following 2 years as an opportunity to make sure I had the most perfect smile once the braces were removed. Much to my surprise, I began to notice more and more adults my age who were also sporting braces.



Oral hygiene is such an important aspect of wearing braces. There are six important steps that can be taken to improve overall success, comfort and cleanliness while wearing your braces.

Proper rinsing techniques are important to ensure the removal of all loose food particles.

Using an interproximal brush (tree brush) is great for getting behind the archwire to aid in getting rid of the hard to get at food. Taking care not to damage any of the wires is also equally important.

For those of you with the means, purchasing a water flosser for added assurance that food is gone from around the brackets. Not to mention, it feels soothing on the gums.

Regular flossing between teeth aids in promoting healthy gums. Take your time to get at all the hard to reach areas.

- Many power brush models have specially designed electric heads, which help to remove plaque from the tiny, hard to reach areas surrounding the braces.

- And finally, the final rinse of your mouth. Now that you have cleaned your teeth, you must then make sure your mouth is fresh and toothpaste free. All of this is preventative medicine for your teeth and gums and will benefit your overall oral hygiene.

Dentists, Orthodontists and Researchers have all concluded that taking care of your mouth helps to prevent various life-threatening diseases like aspiration pneumonia, gum disease and even heart disease.

So, do your mouth a favour and practice good oral hygiene, with or without the braces. In my case, being proactive while wearing my braces has taught me more than a few lessons and all these years later I still have an amazingly white smile.


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