DORO Review


As a senior citizen my daughter asked me to test out a cell phone from DORO. Being 72, having 2 left hands (or at least it feels like that at times) wear progressive bi-focals, and should wear my hearing aids all the time, which I don't, I said I would.

The model that I tested was the one-piece DORO 520X. It comes with a complete list of accessories for how you choose to charge it. There is a stand that you can sit it in or you can plug directly into the phone. The power supply can be either from a wall outlet or from your computer. There is a set of ear plugs with mike so you can be hands-free when using it and last but not least there is a lanyard that be attached to the phone for added convenience.

The size of the unit is approximately 11-½ cm. (4 ½") long by 5-¼ cm. (2") wide by 1 1/2cm. (½"). My present phone that I use is a Sony Ericsson C510, which is only 1/2cm shorter and 1/4cm narrower, but the difference in the buttons and ease of using them on the DORO phone is astounding to me.

First and foremost I don't text much on my phone as it is too (****) hard for me, I make too many mistakes as the buttons are so small. On the DORO phone with the large, raised, and nicely separated buttons I had no problem at all, and I think my family was getting a little tired of me always texting them.

When texting or receiving text in the form of messages I found the letters like the sound to be crisp and clean. There was no blurriness at all.

The next thing I liked about this phone is the quality of sound from it when you are listening, crisp and clear and you can raise the volume so even a person with hearing difficulties like me can hear everything that is being said.

There is so much more this phone has to offer. It takes pictures with ease. The photos are crisp and clear and the DORO navigates quite seamlessly.

I have really only begun to scratch the surface of this phone as it takes a little while for everything to settle in with me as I'm afraid that somehow I will mess the whole thing up if I start playing with it but my daughter (bless her heart) says that she will help me out if I do foul up the water as the saying goes.

DORO has other cell phones in their lineup that are geared towards those of us who have age related impediments. The DORO #620 is a folding phone that I would really like to get my hands on, as I like to put my phone in my pocket when I post the "Gone Fishin" sign on the door. If it is anything like this phone then it will be a real winner in my books. These phones would also work well for someone who works in a noisy environment as well.

I would hope that all service providers would take on the DORO brand. I am totally sold on this phone and I appreciate a company that is looking out for the senior's interest in this sort of market. Thank you DORO!