Dorset Cereal

Brighten Your Breakfast with Simple Pleasures  

Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, why not take a few minutes every morning to brighten it up with a few simple, honest pleasures? It's an approach at the heart of the Dorset Cereals philosophy. We believe that the simple things are usually the most rewarding things in life.

Here are some easy breakfast suggestions to brighten up your breakfast-and your entire day:

• Set out the perfect bowl, the perfect spoon and the perfect cereal.

• Too rushed in the morning? Set out your bowl and your box of Dorset cereal the night before. Preset your coffee machine and have a sit-down breakfast.

• Add a glass of high antioxidant juice like pomegranate or orange juice with added calcium and Vitamin D.

• Set a pot of flowers on the kitchen table. Studies have shown that flowers or plants help brighten your mood.

• Change the routine and make a parfait for breakfast. Spoon ¼ cup non-fat yogurt into a parfait glass, sprinkle with ½ cup of Dorset Simply Fruit and Seeds Muesli, spoon on another ¼ cup of non-fat yogurt and top with a sliced banana.

• Eat mindfully in the morning. Skip the paper in the morning and focus on the food. You'll feel more satisfied and will be less likely to snack on junk food later on.

• Do some morning stretches as soon as you wake up. Focus on a positive thought before getting out of bed.

• Experiment with different flavoured coffees. Or try making a latte with stronger coffee and hot or cold skim milk.

• Listen to upbeat music-it has a powerful impact on your mood.


• Change up the milk by pouring non-fat chocolate milk over a bowl of Dorset Cereal or heat your favourite milk or soy beverage and add to your cereal.

• Set breakfast up in a different room or area. In the summer eat your cereal in the garden. In the fall and spring, sit on the front porch when the weather is warm.

• Don't get stuck in a rut. Try different cereals-Dorset has a line of seven.

• Meditation and deep breathing have been shown to help you think better, feel better, and live longer. Do some deep breathing exercises to help calm your soul. Breathe in through your nose for a count of four out through your mouth for a count of seven.

• Skip reading emails until after breakfast or until you're in the office.

Dorset Cereals are available in seven delicious recipes, each bursting with the tastiest fruit, nuts and seeds available.