Dove Canada

Singing In The Rain 

One wintery, yet amazing February morning, I was invited to participate in a once in a lifetime experience.  An exclusive day for myself (and my hair) from Dove Canada.  As I drove into Toronto, I wondered what excitement the day had in store for me, and  how I was invited to be involved in such a fabulous project. When I pulled into the parking lot and was greeted by friends, Alison from @nummiesbras and Heather Greenwood Davis, I knew that this was going to be a great day!  Twelve other women were brought together  from across the country by Dove Canada  to shoot an on line video for their new Nourishing Oil Care Line.  What an amazing opportunity to be treated like Hollywood royalty.

We were put into groups, A) Group - wash and style using the new Dove products. B) Group - off to rehearsals and practice the dance moves for the video. Here is the awesome part, we practiced with Aakomon Jones (he choreographed Usher's OMG video) 

The goal of the day was to put our newly washed and styled hair to the test.  Dove wanted to prove that our hair  was up to the task of, "Singing in the Rain."   We got soaked throughout the filming of the video, but honestly, who wouldn't want to sing and dance for a famous choreographer?

Before the video rehearsals, I had a chance to chat with Mark Townsend, as he managed to make all of us feel very welcome.  He was delighted to talk about the new Dove product line and was very impressed by its ease of use.  This speaks volumes coming from a big Hollywood stylist.  I have to agree, my favourite product from that day is the Nourishing Oil Care Leave-In Smoothing Cream.  A little goes a long way with this fabulous product.  


We are on set here, filming the on line video for Dove's Singing in The Rain. In between takes we gathered and took this amazing picture. 


13 amazing women just danced and sang in the rain, we wanted a group shot before we left the set. Some even played in the puddles, and continued dancing. 


This is the fabulous product that was used for the day. Dove  Nourishing Oil Care, I love great hair products, and Dove always has an amazing line of hair care. Did you know when you buy a bottle of shampoo or Conditioner, " A Portion of your purchase goes to the Self-Esteem Fund. 

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At the after party (wrap party) with Celebrity Stylist Mark Townsend and Dove Canada Spokesperson