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DreamBox Learning K-3 Math in Canada. DreamBox Learning is a Kindergarten - Grade 3 online math resource that is winning awards and accolades all over the education technology spectrum. It is now distributed to Canadian parents and teachers through Pearson Education Canada.

Since DreamBox Learning launched in 2009, they've won more than 20 major awards and received more than 40 rave product reviews, including this recent shout out in Fast Company Magazine. They've just recently been acquired by Reed Hastings, the founder and former CEO of Netflix and Microsoft board member. This amazing investment in education technology confirms that innovation is here, and it's happening in our homes and schools.

DreamBox is a robust, personalized math curriculum built in an online adaptive platform, which means that it adjusts for every individual learner. It looks and acts like a game, which kids love. Behind the scenes, it provides parents with an individual dashboard with tons of information about their child's progress. It's an essential tool in the home/school connection, and one of the best summer retention builders that we've ever seen. In an age of app-frenzy, game-centric possibilities, DreamBox is reaching plugged-in parents who traditionally would have sought tutoring and learning centers as a solution for "math phobia".


DreamBox is looking for learning reviewers and trial offer's for bloggers. Do you have children from JK to Grade 3 and would like to review this online personalized math curriculum. 
Contact WonderMoms.ca and we will forward your informatiom to DreamBox. 

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Dreambox Learning Review

I was sent a two week trial of Dreambox.com to play with my pre-school three-year old courtesy of WonderMoms.ca. While it says K-6 for the age appropriate time for math learning on the site, I always need to keep a step ahead of what my daughter needs.
I figured over the summer I would keep my daughter entertained in learning over the two months before she entered the four-year-old program at pre-school.
Any parent would love how your kids can learn but thinks it is fun. With the hints, pace and adventure we dabbled in a few games.
Maybe it is because its summer or its too early for her, her attention span was that of a three-year-old. I still loved it to give me ideas for her future play and learning. I recommend every parent to give this math learning tool a try. You might even have fun yourself with your child or by yourself.

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