Find Local Treasures with Shop the Neighbourhood


Shop the Neighbourhood is presented by The Yellow Pages Group.

We all have things in life that make us feel great about being at home...

It may be that certain chair in the family room that you love curling up in with the hand knitted blanket that your Nana made to celebrate the birth of your first child, or it could be the fact that your best memories were created there with those closest to you. No matter what it is that engages your mind, it is the fact that these memories are created with a warmth and adoration surrounding family. Family is what we live for, work long hours for and essentially defines what and who we are.

I feel the same way about the town we live in and where we spend all those hard earned dollars. The Yellow Pages Group (YPG) obviously sees it the same way too. They are promoting a new initiative designed at getting local residents out of their homes and spending their money locally. We have all heard of the importance to the US economy that Black Friday plays in the overall profitability of businesses, be that big or small. Electronics companies scream the deals and savings from the proverbial rooftops, but what do those foreign bargains do for those whose livelihoods depend on our local economy? The quick answer is, absolutely nothing...

On November 30th the YPG is asking all of us to, "Shop the Hood." I, for one, have never been swayed by the hype of driving for more than an hour to save a few dollars on something that I may or may not even want or need. I am believer of the shopping where you live mantra. My first job was at a local donut shop which employed several of my life long friends. My own husband spent almost five years working in a local clothing boutique that was frequented by those same local residents. I spoke recently with a local shopkeeper who expressed to me that her business has evolved over 25 years and has now begun serving 3rd generations of families. I don't see the big box stores making that same sort of commitment and dedication to the local economy. The smaller, local, family run merchants employ more people than you think. They are a very integral part of the overall employment landscape in Canada. Their taxes, wages, insurances, business supplies, groceries and the like are all part of the bigger picture on how we live.

So, on November 30th, WonderMoms will most definitely be, "Shopping the Hood." The local merchants are all aware of this promotion and have been encouraged to have special deals and value added incentives to help promote their business on this day and throughout the coming holiday season. Who needs Black Friday in the states when you can walk downtown and get just as good a deal, and who knows you may end up making some sort of lifelong connection with a local merchant?

I will be on site in a local downtown core helping to promote this event on November 30th. I will make a point of relaying any great deals through various media channels. It excites me to think how successful this promotion could be if we all save a little of our holiday spending for that day.

Until then, support your local merchants, they are the lifeblood of our local economy. They live here, shop here, and pay taxes here. Leading up to the event, be sure to check out the Yellow Pages or ShopWise mobile apps, they will be outlining the deals being offered by your local merchants.

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