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WonderMoms was recently given a wonderful opportunity to take a test drive of the 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid (HEV) along side Mohammad, a Product Specialist for Ford of Canada.

Mohammad's professional insight was very beneficial to my understanding the amazing technological advancements that Ford Fusion Hybrid has to offer their potential new owners. He highlighted the differences between the traditional gas format and the state of the art HEV vehicles that Ford is now producing around the world.


What sets the Fusion apart from the others, is on-board technology that is not only intuitive but designed to keep the driver's attention on the road while maintaining a safe driver experience. Unlike so many of the other vehicles in its class, the Fusion doesn't sacrifice exterior or interior luxury. Compare the Fusion's styling's to others and she wins hands down. The Fusion is a sexy, sleek sedan with very forward thinking.

Translation: this car is HEV in technology only, as it's ride and capabilities certainly don't feel like it. It rivals other gas-powered engines with pleasantly unexpected power, style and elegance.

As a mother of four, safety is paramount in my eyes. My precious cargo means the world to me and Ford gets that. Most days I am carting around 5 people, so any car that comes with 8 airbags, offers me the security of anti-lock brakes, and can save me money at the pumps is a winner in my books. The Fusion Hybrid fits my lifestyle because as much as I am concerned about a safe ride, I am equally interested in one that looks and feels great too. Ford has successfully designed their car line up with features that can be added on as options should your budget be more frugal. Options like Active Park Assist, whereby the car actually parks itself with you operating only the brakes.

When it comes to being economical with your pocketbook, the Fusion Hybrid (HEV) is a leader in that category too. The engine design works to provide the owner with added efficiency on the fuel side, and a lot more time to appreciate the fuel saving technology that goes along with it. In other words, more time to drive the car gas free. It sounds like a win-win situation for all those who drive her. The Fusion Hybrid also leads the way in taking some conventional vehicle features such as kinetic energy loss through friction while braking and converting that to user-friendly regeneration. With good braking habits the Fusion Hybrids regenerative braking can recover more than 90 percent of this energy and sends it back to the car's battery pack to be stored for later use. If you look closely in the video we made while driving around Toronto, I was able to give back 100% to the braking systems. I was quite in awe of myself as well as the car.

Ford's latest technology game changer is the Lane-Keeping System, which includes both the lane-keeping alert and lane-keeping aid. A camera mounted behind the windshield watches road lane markings to determine your vehicles position and detects any lane departure. The Lane-keeping alert warns you with steering wheel vibrations, which feels just like a rumble strip in the road, should the system detect any unintended lane departure.

I have driven other Hybrid (HEV) vehicles and I am quite certain when stacked up with the Fusion, both from an esthetics standpoint as well as comfort and convenience, the Fusion wins hands down. It is a vehicle that fits my lifestyle, now and in the future. I must say though, my favourite feature of the Fusions cockpit like instrument panel is the "efficiency leaves." As you learn to drive this car with more efficiency in mind, the leaves on the branch begin to grow meaning you are being very responsible with your fuel consumption and overall driving characteristics. And conversely, if you drive it hard, then the leaves will begin to drop off the branch, which translates into reduced mileage and higher fuel costs. In my eyes, Fusion makes me a better driver, both from a safety standpoint as well as helping to line my pocketbook.

Anyone considering a new mid-size sedan, be it conventional fuel or Hybrid would be remiss to not give Fusion Hybrid a test drive. It is a truly sexy, sleek and technologically savvy car to drive. I am quite certain she would impress even the shrewdest of car buyers.

Visit your local GTA Ford Dealership to book your extended test drive today.


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