Great Movie Titles from Netflix


To celebrate Mother's Day Netflix has complied a list of family friendly theme titles, that are sure to be a hit in your house. Sunday afternoon is a great day to unwind from the hectic work week, and school routines. I adore turning on Netflix and chossing from the variety of movies, some are classics that I would watch over, and over again. What are your favorites? 


Here is a list and I do think, I have seen nearly all of these......


· Stepmom
· Erin Brockovich
· Monster-In-Law
· Georgie Rule
· Baby Mama
· Motherhood
· Mother's Day
· Little Women
· Soccer Mom
· Mr. Mom
· Chocolat
· Riding in Cars with Boys
· Beautiful Lies
· Peace, Love & Misunderstanding 

Enter to win a one year Netflix subscription and a Roku. This contest is for Canadians only. 

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