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Greg May Hair is a fabulous hair salon in Yorkville. Services range from Hair Cutting, Colour, Highlights, and Block Colouring. 


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I met Greg May at the Mark's Makeover Event in Toronto in the spring. He was the hair stylist for the day and we hit it off right from the start. We realized that we shared friends in common.  After further conversations, we realized that we also shared a very painful experience in our lives; the loss of our mothers to pancreatic cancer.  We began to follow each other on Twitter and I blogged about the Mark's event.  Greg has this ability to make his clients feel like princesses for the time they are in his chair. His attention to detail and his expertise at his craft make him worth the wait.  If you are looking for the ultimate salon experience girls, Greg is it!  Greg and his staff make you feel right at home.

In May, Greg had a May Day Mother's Day Makeover contest- for a complete hair Makeover at his Yorkville salon.  I decided to enter the contest, in hopes of being lucky enough to live that experience again.  Fate was in my corner, as I received notification from him that I was selected as the winner.  I was so excited, that I woke up the children with all the noise that I was making.  There was my husband going, Shhhhhh, Shhhhhh!  Who cares, I said to him!  I get to have Greg do my hair again. 

 My email to Greg -

We share a common pain, the loss of our Mother's.  I do not openly share the loss and pain I have everyday.  I created WonderMoms.ca because of my Mom, I poured my grief into something and worked very hard just as she raised me.  She worked up until the last months of her life, and never gave up.  She passed away at the age of 66 and she always was a hard worker, fabulous Mom, GrandMother and Wife.  What I remember most is she would tell me how great of a Mother that I am to my four girls.  She lives within me everyday, when I think I have bad "Mom" days, I just think of what she told me every single day.  She shared her wisdom, love, compassion for life and how to over come obstacles with me and my four children.

My Mom faced many challenges in life, from rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes and in the end Pancreatic Cancer. I was there every step of the way with her and held her hand when she took her last breath. She was an amazing Mom, and hopefully I told her that everyday.

My favourite moment I had with my Mom is when she held all of my babies within hours of their birth, she would rock them , kiss them and tell them she loved them.  She would sit at my house every evening for the first two weeks just to help me out and that became a ritual after every baby.  The girls to this day talk about how Nana would rock them when they were babies. One of their favourite memories of their Nana, and we still have the swaddling blankets that my Mom made for them.

Many tears throughout this email, but at the end I am smiling with great memories of my Mom. Thanks for letting me think special of her tonight.

He tweeted about losing his Mother to cancer and wanted to treat a deserving Mom to a special day. I shared my emotions with Greg in my email, as both our Mother's passed away to Pancreatic Cancer. 


I loved his response -
"You know I used to be a platform artist for Paul Mitchell before starting my own line. I still use Paul Mitchell colour. I think part of the reason I felt so drawn to Paul Mitchell(besides being a great line....next to mine) is because he too died of Pancreatic Cancer, and left behind a young son, who is now a great hairstylist.

A couple of years ago we did a big fundraising event for Pancreatic Cancer. Selling the purple bracelets at the salon, as well as holding a cut-a-thon which raised $6000.00 that day."

Greg was so kind to set aside extra time for me in the salon, so he could spend time with on my  hair. From the moment I walked into the upscale salon I instantly was relaxed. He had free range of my hair, I just made him promise no purple or pink..everything else he could do whatever he wanted to with my hair. I had it thinned out, coloured, foils, shampooed and then the styling began.

I spend four glorious hours at the salon, the results were more than I ever imagined. My hair has never been styled to perfection, it was thinned out and cut dry and he spent an hour cutting, sculpting away at my tresses. 


After picture - taken right in his salon

He sent me home with several products Exclusively made for Greg May

Ultra Violet Shampoo's unique blend of extracts, including Mica, enables both cleansing and colour depositing action to happen simultaneously. The unique colour enhancing formula brightens blondes, tones brassiness and helps stop fading, all while maintaining a pH balance. Tones brassiness and brightens blondes. This is my absolute favourite product. 

Ultra Violet Conditioner adds brilliant colour and highlights with shine and body. When used together with Ultra Violet Shampoo, it will tone highlighted blonde and grey hair as well as neutralize yellow. Tones highlighted blonde and grey hair.

Indulge Me is a paraben, sulfate and sodium chloride free, moisturizing shampoo that gives hair structural integrity using 11 botanical extracts. This rich yet gentle shampoo is colour safe and is gentle enough for use on both face and body. 

Restore Deep Conditioning Treatment is a soothing botanical and antioxidant treatment to revitalize damaged, chemically treated or distressed hair. restore will improve elasticity by penetrating into the core of each strand to lock in moisture.

Whipped Up is a light, conditioning mousse that will leave your hair with soft, voluminous body, waves and/or curls. Whipped Up is VOC and SD alcohol free to keep both your hair and and our environment healthier. 


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A very special thank you to Greg May- he did not ask me to write this and I truly believe in blogging about events and services I find fabulous. It was a wonderful experience.

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