Have Your Tried Everything, but No Results?


As an entrepreneur, perhaps you've found yourself wondering why you aren't getting the results you want when you seem to be trying "everything" (attending networking events, utilizing different online platforms to get your message out there, etc.). I used to feel that way as well. I couldn't understand why I was trying so hard, but not really seeing things blossom as quickly as I wanted them to. As you might know, I'm a HUGE believer of personal development work, and whenever I feel challenged around something, I waste no time digging deep to figure out what's really going on. What I found was that I was building my "house" from the roof down rather than from the ground up.
What do I mean by this? Well, to me, all of the things that we're often told as entrepreneurs ("get out there", build your list quickly, speak in front of the masses, etc.) is all fine and dandy, but it's like starting to build your business from the roof of a house downwards, and you don't get very far when you have the entire process backwards. When you start from the FOUNDATION of the house is (which is YOU, by the way!), you become way more prepared and energetically aligned, which allows you to continue building upwards, and having the results in your business that you desire. Here's a secret....who you are (on the inside) and your business (on the outside) need to be lined up. Until you have the right key in your hands, the lock will not open for you.

So, how do you start building your foundation? In my Embrace You and Your Biz system, I teach my clients how to become super aligned in four key areas, so that their business can be a beautiful reflection and extension of who they are on the INSIDE. The four areas are:

*Embracing Your Physical Well-Being
*Embracing Your Mental Well-Being
*Embracing Your Spiritual Well-Being
*Embracing Your Emotional Well-Being

I created a FREE 40-minute audio specifically on these four key areas; it's called The Four Secrets to Embracing Your Life and Your Business, and it's chock-full of strategies that you can instantly apply to start seeing results. In this audio, I uncover the lies and mixed messages that we're often given when we're building our businesses, and how these lies and mixed messages can prevent us from moving forward. I also share personal stories about the challenges I experienced as a result of "falling" for these lies and how I was able to move past them. The most unique part of this audio is my focus on the quiet and shy entrepreneurs (perhaps you're one of them!), and why NOW is the time for us to shine and step into our own spotlight and become the successful entrepreneurs we are meant to become. It's an audio that I'd recommend you listen to right away, so that you can start building your own foundation, and start (or continue) implementing WITH results, instead of WITHOUT results. To top it off, I've also thrown in a complimentary 5-day Getting Started series of emails (when you sign up for the free audio) to help you apply what you've learned, because taking action right away is really important...I know you can do this! Visit www.embraceyouandyourbiz.com to request your free audio today!

Milissa Harding is a Health and Lifestyle Coach and founder of Embrace You and Your Biz, where she teaches entrepreneurs with a quiet personality how to step into their own spotlight and shine, by fully embracing their lives and their businesses, from the inside out. Request your FREE gift, "The 4 Secrets to Embracing Your Life and Your Business" as well as a 5-Day Getting Started Series by visiting www.embraceyouandyourbiz.com