Health Check Recipe


We were contacted by the Heart and Stroke Foundation, Health Check Recipe Program. They asked us to prepare a low sodium, heart healthy dish for my family. This is sometimes not an easy task with your very busy, fast paced lifestyle. Their goal is to to help Canadians lower the amount of salt in their diets,and we were up for that challenge. 
WonderMoms was able to select one healthy meal from the following list of recipes
Beef and Black Bean Burgers
Grilled steak salad with sesame vinaigrette
Potato and green bean salad with mint yogurt dressing
Barbecued Asian tilapia
Wheatberry Apple Cranberry Salad
We chosse the Grilled Steak Salad with sesame vinaigrette   




The result was a very happy husband and even happier wife, as I served our family a delicious, easy to prepare and very healthy meal. You can find more easy recipes here by downloading the My Heart&Stroke Health Application on your smartphone.