Heart & Stroke Foundation - Make Death Wait


February is Heart Month

I am sure every one of us has a gut wrenching story of a loved one affected by the seriousness of either a heart attack or stroke. Whether you were directly affected or affected through a story you've heard, it doesn't make it any easier to get through or hear about.

In my family in particular, we have been affected several times over. If it weren't for the amazing doctors and nurses at various hospitals across the country, then certain relatives would not be here today to celebrate life's milestones.

WonderMoms.ca is proud and honoured to be teaming up with The Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation in helping to promote their latest endeavour, "Make Death Wait" I am sure by now, we've all seen the very riveting television commercials. They certainly speak volumes about the seriousness of this disease.

The Heart and Stroke Foundation Campaign, "Make Death Wait" is in full battle mode. February is Heart Month, and it is the responsibility of every one of us to get the point across that no one is immune, that there is no special cure, and that death does not pick favourites. All of these little quips are real life. We can choose to either ignore the possible consequences of bad health management or we can heed the advice of the experts and opt for the more proactive lifestyle choices. I for one, choose to be a better person, both physically and nutritionally.

It's time to, "Make Death Wait" Heart disease and stroke takes 1 in 3 Canadians before their time. It is also the #1 killer of women in Canada, accounting for more female mortalities than all cancers combined. While these statistics are in fact shocking to read about, there is also hope for Canadians. It's possible to change the odds against heart disease and stroke. In other words, it may be possible to, "Make Death Wait"

How, you might ask? By taking a more proactive approach and changing things that you yourself can control. These may include reducing blood pressure, eating a healthier and more balanced diet, and perhaps combining that with a regimented exercise program. It is no secret that these factors affect how we live, both externally and internally. Smoking and being overweight are also great contributors to how our heart responds to everyday strains. 9 out of 10 people suffer at least one of the aforementioned risk factors. 40% of us exhibit at least 3 or more.

The Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation website, www.heartandstroke.ca is full of information and tools to help each of us understand individual risk factors and aid us in making the appropriate changes designed to, "Make Death Wait" Their site has added a wonderful tool, the Heart and Stroke Healthy Weight Action Plan. A personalized, step by step online program that helps you assess your current eating and activity habits, setting goals and taking steps to reach a healthier you.

February's Heart Month is designed to not only raise awareness, but also to raise funds to further the research and development of new treatments for heart disease. We can all do our part, as I, for one, am quite content to, "Make Death Wait"

Every donation to the Heart and Stroke Foundation supports investment in life-giving research, advocacy, health promotion and education programs. It's all targeted at reducing the impact of heart disease and stroke, while helping Canadians live longer, fuller lives.

Please give generously to such a worthy cause, as we all know someone who has failed in their quest to, "Make Death Wait." Throughout the month, Heart and Stroke Foundation Volunteers will come calling. It is in everyone's best interest to give.

You can also support online at www.heartandstroke.ca/HELP or by calling 1 888 HSF INFO (1 888 473 4636)

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Hamilton Beach: Through its Healthy Hearts Program, Hamilton Beach will contribute up to a maximum of $50,000 to the Heart and Stroke Foundation from the sale of its small kitchen appliance products throughout 2012. Just look for the Heatlhy Hearts stickers on it' products. Click here to visit the Hamilton Beach Facebook page.


Danier: During the month of February, Danier stores will be selling red paper hearts for $2 each, with all proceeds going to the Heart and Stroke Foundation, to a minimum of $15,000. Danier's beautifully designed collection features a wide range of garments and accessories in a myriad of colours, leathers and textures. Click here to visit the Danier Facebook page. 

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*WonderMoms has been compensated as part of a social media outreach, to help this important cause. "all opinions are my own"