Heart and Stroke Lottery Calendar for 2012


Reading these staggering statistics, I want to reach out and help....Heart disease and stroke take one in three Canadians before their time. Every seven minutes, someone dies of heart disease or stroke. This video is says it all. 

* Nearly 24,000 people in the Toronto area are hospitalized each year for heart disease and stroke related conditions.

* Heart disease and stroke is the number one killer of women (it's the #1 Killer of Women - taking more women than all cancers combined) that one is hard to read.

and lastly

* 9 in 10 of us have at least one risk factor for heart disease and stroke. 

WonderMoms is working with the Heart and Stroke Calendar Lottery Calendar again this year. The 2012 Campaign has a new "Pay it Forward" twist, to create a chain of gift giving and random act of kindness by paying it forward.

Here how it works- Help the Heart and Stroke Foundation to "Pay it Forward" by gifting a Heart&Stroke Calendar Lottery to someone who touches your life. It could be a neighbour, a teacher, a family member, anyone who you feel deserves to be recognized! By purchasing a calendar for $25 you're supporting the Heart and Stroke Foundation life-saving research and giving the possibility of winning daily cash prizes every day of the year. It's simple; we want to create a chain of giving and paying it forward: get a calendar, give a calendar.

My family has been touched by this disease, has yours? One of my main reasons I started my new healthy lifestyle.  

Like the Heart and Stroke Foundation on Facebook

Like the Heart & Stroke Calendar Lottery on Facebook

By "Paying it Forward" we are giving away a total of ten calendars, with only five winners. If you are randomly chosen as a winner, you will receive two Heart and Stroke Lottery Calendars. One to keep and one to give away to a family member, friend or anyone you want to touch this season. Remember Pay it Forward!! 

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