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20th Century Vintage Collectibles

A newly opened business that is consignment based allowing clients to bring in "anything and everything" from the twentieth century. Their intention is to become the go-to spot for unloading trinkets and heirlooms from our childhoods. Toys, dishes, electronics with some emotional attachment to them. This Christmas would be so cool getting a toy or item with a memory of yesteryear. We all have some recollection of our childhood, about that one special piece that brought us so much fun and enjoyment. Imagine getting a part of that back. After touring the store, it brought so many wonderful memories back of things that I used to do with my mother. Tea parties were my favourite past time as a little girl, and my mom just seemed to play along.

Bronte village was the chosen location as it brings together families together with that little piece of Canadiana. A small town feel located inside the sprawling Town of Oakville. Bronte makes it special each and every day with it's own sense of pride. What better way to raise a family?

They combine their online presence with a very helpful staff. Costs depend on the rarity of the item and the desired amount requested by the individual owners. I saw a number of very nice items in the mid to high forty dollar range.

Visit their website for more details. 

20th Century Vintage Collectives