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Beady i Bead Store

For those of you who have never tried your hand at crafts, this is something that I have personally found to be very therapeutic. A hobby that has proven to be of help with depression. The Beady i Bead Store believes that with over twenty-five thousand different items ranging from semi-precious stones, fresh water pearls, and crystals that they can make even the most finicky craftsman satisfied. From bracelets to necklaces, custom jewelry and repairs, they are there to help.

Many folks will attest, that beading is in fact an addiction, once you get started, it really is difficult to give it up. They offer classes of up to five people and parties of up to twelve. If you are looking to make yourself or that special someone a very unique gift, beading may just be the way to go. Beading was once described to me as walking art, I must agree. Having an online presence is surely helping fuel the love of beading.

Beady i has been located in the village of Bronte for the past nine years, as Bronte brings with it the freedom of being able to do your shopping, dining and entertaining within walking distance of home and an amazing harbour view. They have regular clients as far away to the east as Halifax, Nova Scotia and all the way west to places like Michigan.

With four young daughters at home, I see a home based beading party in my very near future.

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Beady i Bead Store