Hidden Gems in Bronte - British Treat Shoppe


British Treat Shoppe

British Treat Shoppe has been in business going on thirty years with an amazing and dedicated clientele. My in-laws have been customers there for many of them. The United Kingdom has many wonderful exports to places like Canada with such things like world class chocolate, pastries, candies. Most everything in their store is imported directly from the UK. It quite simply gives you, "a wee bit of over 'ome, over 'ere." There is a noticeable difference in the taste of Cadbury chocolates from back home compared to other candy bars from North America. I often wondered what all the fuss was about whenever my mother-in-law brought home the Quality Street brand of sweets, that was until I tried them for the first time.

They have been in their new location for about four months and many of their dedicated customers have followed along. Being a family run business has allowed the next generation to take over the reins, so why not stop in for a hot English tea or coffee, you won't be disappointed at the amazing things you will find. It seems that no matter who you ask, the reason for being in the village of Bronte is, family. Once you find "home," it's hard to give it up.

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British Treat Shoppe