Hidden Gems in Bronte - My Back Shed


Whether you are in need of something "shabby chic" or vintage, My Back Shed has something for everyone. Antique furniture has a way of transforming a simple room into something more timeless and inviting. They tend to tell a story of days gone by and of simpler times. With family heirlooms becoming a thing of the past stores like My Back Shed are thriving as they give you a sense of what craftsmanship used to be, rather than the mass produced things we see in stores today. A simple little trinket, a rusty wagon, or a wall clock with hands can make a wonderful statement in a living room. As someone who believes very deeply in the importance of family, I can attest to the warm feelings I get sitting at my own mothers dining table of over a hundred years. It tells a story no matter how many times we sit there. My Back Shed can transform the simplest item into a treasure.

Since 2001, they have been a destination for vintage hunters, interior designers and people looking for the difference maker in any room. A dream that began literally in Lisa's backyard, her keen eye for vintage treasures and the ability to transform them into something more. The shed quickly became filled to the rafters with antiques, collectibles and items from yesteryear. Whether you are a romantic, a traditionalist or simply looking for that one piece to finish off the story, My Back Shed can customize or refinish any item to the splendour that it once was. Custom refinishing services make a world of difference and and help to make the old, new again.

If you have an item in your possession that needs some tender loving care, give them a call to see if it can be saved, refined, or refinished.





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My Back Shed