Hidden Gems in Bronte - Plank Resto Bar


Plank American Tapas Restaurant

A quaint place in the village of Bronte on the shores of Lake Ontario which offers up a more downtown chic menu. Their commitment to buying local produce, and what is in trend is something their owner, Doug Greco is very proud of, a "farm to table" approach. I have been there several times for dinner with friends and have always left feeling satisfied with both the service and the food. It is designed around being "social" with your food. It is not your typical restaurant where you order individual entrees. American Tapas is an original concept - bringing a "social atmosphere into dining".  It is not uncommon for a table of four to order up six or seven different tapas and everyone share amongst themselves over a wonderful selection of wines from around the world. Plank has a very loyal following with regulars abound. They have in a very short time carved out their own niche in a very competitive restaurant marketplace. Highly recommended by WonderMoms.

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Plank Resto Bar