High Road Takes The High Road To PR Success

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This week I was invited into the city of Toronto to meet with one of the premier Public Relations companies I know. High Road Communications is involved in promoting some of Canada's most influential companies and brands.

I have had the pleasure of working with several of their in house representatives, and I must say, it has always seemed effortless. Being involved in brand advocacy and promotion, I am approached all the time from PR firms, asking if I would be interested in either testing or promoting new products and services or generating awareness of events.

The folks at High Road represent their clients utilizing our strengths as media bloggers and the influence that we can provide to them through our followers. They always make you feel as if you have your very own team of representatives working along side you.

I must say, this is a company who does their homework first and foremost, before contacting you with potential programs. From the onset of our working relationship they have been extremely well versed and prepared for initial communication and all subsequent conversations.

I deal with many wonderful firms throughout the GTA who are very good at what they do. High Road should be proud of their team. "They just get it". My representing them and their clients is only as good as the information that I am provided with.

Heading into the city for this weeks meeting, I began to wonder what were they going to do next. To say that I was impressed, is an understatement. We were introduced to the entire High Road team of professionals. One by one they introduced themselves to the 25 bloggers in attendance and described in detail what their capacity was with the company. It was designed to make us feel at ease and also to take our working relationship to the next level. It is always easier to deal with people who you have developed a comfort level with.

It was a very casual and open environment. They should be very proud of their group and what they have accomplished.


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