Hocus Pocus - It is Halloween


One of my favourite celebrations is just around the corner. Halloween is all about being a kid again. Some of my best memories as a child were around the event that is, Halloween. I remember being very creative in making up costumes of my own. It was never about running to the store to buy the latest and greatest costume. It is amazing how much "stuff" you have lying around that can be repurposed or redesigned for that perfect outfit.


For the last couple of years I have let my husband take the kids out to trick or treat while I got to stay home and hand out the candy. Living in a very family friendly neighbourhood loaded with young families, it isn't unusual to see hundreds of kids roaming about outside celebrating the day. Even my older children are still getting into it, be it house parties with friends or venturing out to a nightclub. The point being, that they still show an interest in Halloween and what it meant to them as kids.

Last year I noticed that several parents were walking around with their children...and their dogs. What a wonderful way to get not only the extra exercise, but also the added security of having the dog out with them. I have decided that this year we are going to dress up Paisley and let her go out with the kids. She loves the interaction with other children and it should be just as much fun for her as it is for my girls.

I have also decided that each family out trick or treating with their dog is going to get a little Purina grab bag too. I am preparing little puppy loot bags with Beggin' Strips and Dentalife dog treats. I must use the mini version of the Dentalife chews so that they fit in the loot bags. I also plan on putting out a large bowl of water too.

For those of you also planning on taking your puppy out to celebrate with you, it is probably a good idea to make sure that their costume is designed with nighttime safety in mind. A flashing dog tag or illuminated strip on their costume to make sure that others see them.

Make sure that this Halloween is the best one yet. Stay safe and have fun. Remember Mom's and Dad's, of the importance of taking the time to inspect all the candy before allowing them to indulge.



The month of October is Pet Wellness Month. Most pet owners practice this every month throughout the year. It is important to maintain your pet's health, as they are a member of the family and the unforeseen costs associated with neglecting their well-being can be astronomical. Good dental hygiene as well as looking after their diet can be very beneficial to their overall health and wellness. It never hurts to see a veterinarian once a year either.

Until next time, enjoy Halloween and the excitement associated with it.

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