Hopes, Dreams and Plenty of Wishes


WonderMoms is proud to be part of the conversation in support of Conceivable Dreams; an organization whose sole purpose is to educate and initiate support in favour of government funding for in-vitro fertilization (IVF).

Infertility can and does affect everyone, whether you are the one trying to get pregnant or a family member dealing with the emotions and struggles of a loved one. Our own families obviously have to deal with what we go through trying to become parents, as it is part of the natural progression of our adult relationships.

Years ago, after suffering through a miscarriage, I began to wonder how my misfortune affected those around me. Were my family members walking around on eggshells, trying not to say or do anything that may upset me even more than I already was, or were they just as affected as I was by what had transpired?

I think that same level of emotional struggle is probably apparent in those suffering infertility too. We rarely think about those around us when are suffering. We try not to burden others with our problems. Over the years, you tend to meet and gravitate towards those who share the same interests and likes as yourselves. And with that we find out some very personal things about them.

I was somewhat shocked to find out just how many friends and acquaintances can't have kids. It is certainly not for a lack of trying. There are so many attributable factors, such as; age, health, stress and or life situations that go into our ability to get pregnant.

I decided to ask around to those family members whose loved ones just can't seem to have a baby. I got a wide variety of emotional responses.

One of the most troubling comments was from a Mom who feels it is her fault that her daughter and son-in-law can't have a baby. They have been trying for almost ten years with no signs of success. The lady I interviewed couldn't give me an answer, when I asked her why she felt it was her fault. I can only attribute it to concern and love for her daughter. We all deal with success and failure differently in life. Imagine the elation she will feel if, "her baby" finally has a family of her own.

I know that when I had my miscarriage, my family was just as upset as my husband and I. I believe it affected them greatly, as they were concerned about our well-being.

When you think about all the emotions involved in getting pregnant, why must me make those who struggle to get pregnant jump through hoops to get assistance that works, Conceivable Dreams to the rescue. They constantly lobby different levels of government in hopes that they will at least look into funding solutions, making it an affordable option for most couples.

The biggest known stumbling block for infertility I believe is still cost association. If we can make it more affordable, then I truly believe there will be many more successful couples having babies.

Long may organizations like Conceivable Dreams exist to bring a positive light to such heart wrenching situations as infertility.

Disclosure: I am a valued member of the Conceivable Dreams blog team.