Horseshoe Valley Resort

Horseshoe Resort is a beautiful vacation destination located in Barrie, Ontario. It offers the guest's endless possibilities and activities. My family, my brother and his family, and my parents all met there for a summer getaway. We had two condos in the lodge, 5 of us in my condo and 4 in the other condo, next door to each other. The accommodations were perfect for us providing tons of space, full kitchen with everything you could possibly need, washer and dryer, 2 bedrooms and a pull out sofa, 2 bathrooms, and a screened in balcony. All nine of us were able to gather easily for dinner and games every night. Oh and quite possibly one of the most important things for us, FREE WiFi!! We met Sue, from housekeeping, who was amazing and was quick to tackle any issues that we had. For instance the pull out sofa that my 13 year old slept on was not exactly comfortable. Sue pointed out a padded mattress cover in the closet and brought us an extra one and when we made up that sofa bed, we all argued we wanted to sleep there! Sue also introduced us to Jessica from IT, also amazing, who brought us a new DVD player and hooked up our Wii for us. Above and beyond! Anytime my Dad and brother were missing, you could always locate them playing Tiger woods Golf on the Wii.

Enough about the inside! Summer getaway means OUTSIDE time! We spent a lot of time at the pool and hot tub. They also have an indoor pool and hot tub that we checked out one night. And the games room was a big hit with the kids. I have never played so much Ping Pong in my life! There are so many activities offered at Horseshoe, we let the kids pick a few things they wanted to do.

#1 on the list was the Adventure Park. We bought a day pass and tried everything. I discovered that my 7 year old daughter loves rock climbing. She spent hours on that wall and was so proud to have made it to the top. I see Mt. Everest in my girl's future. My 13 year old daughter loved the Ogo Balls. They are these gigantic balls you get in and roll down a huge hill. One is filled with water, which was my girl's favourite, and the other you have to be harnessed in because you spin as you are going down. This was not my favourite. If you like the feeling of a car crash, that one's for you. We also did mini putt, a giant maze, and the coolest thing ever.......Zip Flyer! My little one couldn't do it; you have to be 75 lbs. We rode up on a ski lift and zip lined all the way down. Scary but so super fun! Proud to say I did that and tackled (well sort of) my fear of heights.


Another amazing thing we tried was Tree Trekking. You need to make a reservation for this and I highly recommend it. We split up here so my 7 year old and I could go on the smaller course while the rest of our party did many of the more challenging courses. You get your safety gear on and scale from tree to tree on different obstacles all while making sure you are clipped in to cables so you don't die. ;) I was pretty scared even on the smaller course. My daughter actually looped me because I was going so slowly. But I did it! The harder courses were super high up with a variety of stations to tackle. They also got to do a lot of zip lining from tree to tree and ended with a super zip line experience. Tree Top Trekking was one of those experiences of a lifetime.


We also went to a water park in Barrie, hit Wasaga Beach, and went down to visit the horses at the resort. My little one loves horses and although we didn't have time, trail rides are another great option they offer. We were just happy to pet them and feed them some hay and carrots. Horseshoe offers many more things like a spa and golf. I know we didn't even scratch the surface up there. But it was perfect for us. And the point of the trip was being with family and reconnecting. Horseshoe allowed a perfect setting for us to do that with memories to last a lifetime. It's not easy keeping, 4 kids (ages 7 to 14) and 5 adults (ages 39 to 68), happy and entertained. Every one of us had an amazing time at Horseshoe. I can't wait to go back and check out the Inn at the resort. Maybe with the kids but more likely a girls' weekend! I think it's important I check out the spa. Yes, I think it's my duty even.


Horseshoe Valley Resort review was written and submitted by @WM_Jenn of WonderMoms.ca