How to use bronzing powder for a sun-kissed look


Now that the spring is here, you might be wondering how to use mineral bronzing powder to achieve a quick, sun-kissed look.

Want to glow girl?

The smartest sun-kissed beauties know two things: the importance of wearing daily sun protection, and how to get their glow on without damaging sun exposure.
Mineral-based products are a hot trend in the cosmetics industry. As more consumers strive to lead healthier lifestyles, botanicals or mineral-sourced ingredients in food and personal care products continue to gain huge popularity.
Minerals have also become popular in cosmetics because they have a lightweight texture and provide luminosity and radiance to
the skin.

Shimmer bronzing powders add natural highlights to the complexion, while matte bronzing powders add warmth, all without any sun exposure.

Application tips

• Apply product where the sun naturally hits: forehead, cheeks, nose, shoulders and décolleté.
• When used on ivory and beige skin tones, bronzers provide a sun- kissed effect.
• When used on bronze skin tones, bronzers add warmth to the complexion.
No matter what your skin tone, bronzers help achieve a more even skin tone.

The Mary Kay® Mineral Bronzing Powder allows you to create the perfect customized look for your skin - shimmery or matte. And because two shades - one light and one dark - are pressed together in one pan, you can also adjust the intensity of the shade when you apply it. Just swirl both shades in the unit together with a powder brush. Tap off excess product after swirling to get the most natural effect.

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