Hugh's Story - Sick Kids Lottery


I met Kate at Tweetstock 6, the morning before I was scheduled to speak I was introduced to her and we hit it off instantly. As Mother's we talk about our kids with pride, Kate told me about her emotional journey with her little boy Hugh. The sole purpose of WonderMoms is to share stories and support other Moms, I asked Kate a couple of days ago to share her to story. Hugh is on the home page of the Sick Kids website, and I encourage you to read their story here and watch their video. Below is Kate's story: 


On May 1st, 2011 we took our little boy to the emergency room at Sick Kids because he was experiencing headaches. After a CT scan, we found out that he had a brain tumor. That day our lives were rocked and we have had a very difficult year. As a Mom, I felt as though I had lost all control. I couldn't fix this with the right sleep routine, healthy food and everything else I had been striving to provide. I had lost control.

The year began with 3 brain surgeries. As the year progressed, I felt like I had a newborn again and I was trying to figure a new plan or new routine. There were many ups and downs, but we have gotten into a routine. We had 33 radiation treatments and have been through 5 cycles of chemo (with another 5 to go until June of 2012). I knew I had to do something to feel I was in control. Helping Sick Kids raise money to fund the research which has saved my child and will help him have a happy, healthy future is something I can control. It brings our family such joy to share our story and remind everyone why it is so important to support programs like the Sick Kids Lottery.

To view our video visit www.sickkidslottery.ca ..... and don't forget to share with your friends and family. We really appreciate all of the support and I love the feeling of being able to control something in a crazy process.