Interview with Bob Iger


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I was given a rare glimpse inside the minds of the Disney family. While on our voyage aboard the sensational new Disney Dream, I was invited to interview the CEO, Mr Bob Iger. A very warm and approachable businessman with the hearts of all children on his sleeve. Mr Iger explained that through the unrivaled success of Disney's other cruise ships, the Disney Wonder and the Disney Magic, it was a natural progression to do the unthinkable. Build it bigger, better and with more market exclusive features than has ever been seen. Having been there already and seen the new marvel up close, Disney had in fact achieved their goal. It is truly an amazing sight to behold, both inside and out.

Our interview had more of a personal feeling, as Mr Iger used his own personal family experiences to get the corporate points across. His own 3 year old granddaughter asked to be Tinkerbell for Halloween. His son has also created a web site called TechNewsKids and interviewed his own father for Toy Story. Another case of living the "Disney Family Experience". Everything that Disney strives to accomplish has the family unit in mind. I was pleasantly surprised that our interview even touched on social media and how it will play into the future of Disney's plans. They are truly the most amazing hosts you could ever ask for.

Mr Iger says that the inspiration for the Disney Dream was to keep in mind what was successful with the other cruise family members and to stretch our thinking even further. The "classic by design" motif was given to the Walt Disney Imagineers, and they were then tasked into making a modern classic vessel unlike any other ship at sea. They wanted to blend the elegant grace of early 20th century transatlantic ocean liners with contemporary design to create one of the most stylish and spectacular cruise ships afloat. She is pixie dusted from her bow to her stern in typical Disney form.


New technologies, such as energy efficient staterooms which incorporate your room keys into operation of the lighting system. If you do not have your key in the switch, the lights will not work. Very smart! Each stateroom is equipped with wavephones, a cellualar like device allowing travelers to go in different directions on a floating resort at sea and yet still be in touch with one and other. We used it all the time to keep tabs on the children while I had a little down time with my husband. Safe and efficient to use.


After many hours of jaw dropping at every turn, we were able settle in for some of the most amazing food ever eaten by this hearty traveler. The Enchanted Garden restaurant incorporates a casual style of the gardens of Versailles with cuisine matching the crisp and airy feel of the restaurant- a seasonal menu featuring market-fresh ingredients. And as is always the case, you can eat as much as you want and or sample everything throughout your cruise.

Mr Iger asked if we had the opportunity to sample the Animator's Palate restaurant with the kids yet. As it happened, we were scheduled to dine there that evening. He said, the kids are in for a truly amazing treat. We entered the restaurant to find an awesome array of artwork, original working drawings from some of Disney's biggest and most successful ventures, including the movie, Finding Nemo. If you remember the surfer dude turtle, Crush from the movie you will be awestruck at the interaction of the televisions within the restaurant. Crush shows up on the screens and begins talking to the patrons. Needless to say, my seven year old daughter, who was that evening celebrating her birthday was a little freaked out when he started to wish her a Happy Birthday. Yo dude, the big day, whats your name dude? Disney has another life long fan in my little girls. We have only been home for a short while and already they are asking to go back.


The ultimate crowd pleaser of our voyage was the newest of Disney's innovations, "The AquaDuck Water Coaster". An industry first, a shipboard watercoaster stretching over 765 feet in length with many sharp twists, turns, drops, uphill acceleration with river rapids included too. It spans over 4 decks and is an absolute blast to ride on. The AquaDuck combines the thrill of a coaster with the fun of a water slide as powerful water blasters propel the riders around the perimeter of the ship's top decks. "Doin the Duck", is a show stopper to say the least.


Disney has a universal appeal for not only families, but also for single travelers too. Mr Iger expressed that the Canadian market is very rich in it's importance to the overall Disney business plan. In fact, they have a studio in Toronto for the stage production, Believe. They rehearse the show, and do the casting for it here also.

If you and your family are looking for the vacation of a lifetime, the Disney Dream is it, period. You will not be disappointed and your hosts are simply top notch, all the way.